Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is Chien-Chien. I was able to get her out of a shelter in Roanoke, VA last year. My granddaughter was my rescue partner and was a great help!!
Chien-Chien is so pretty.
She has huge eyes that take everything in.
Look at the look she is giving the camera! Whoa-- don't take anymore pictures. :-)
And it's time to rest.
Chien-Chien has a beautiful red coat.
Chien-Chien lives in Maryland now and is adored by her owner. I can certainly see why!


lady jicky said...

Chien-chien has that dignified look of a Peke doesn't she. I adore her colouring and so happy to hear she is out of that place and into a loving home.

Karin said...

I recognize that look. One of my poms has that "I'm the boss, I can do no wrong" expression:)
Chien-Chien is absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a grand little lady!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby. She looks SO much like my Danny I adopted from PVPC.