Tuesday, June 2, 2009


DiDi is one of our adopted Pekes. Her mom, Jeanne, is one of my friends now. I meet SO many nice people in rescue (another good reason to be a foster mom or part of our group--we are NICE people :-).) DiDi's parents have a gorgeous back yard-- so pretty that hundreds of people take tours of it in the spring.
Look at this beautiful pond. Makes me want to sit on the stone wall and dangle my feet in it.
They have beautiful flowers and bird baths.
They have paths for the dogs-- and people-- to walk on.
Jill is trying her best to catch a chipmunk!
And DiDi plays with her best friends!
This is a mirror! I looks like a door-way to another yard. I love this idea! But, I'd have my daughter's dog, Leo, running right into it!
This is the back side of the Pond House... My granddaughters would LOVE this!
Here's George-- the patriarch of the dog crew there. He is observing his domain and his girls playing.
Here's another pond. Don't worry, the dogs are supervised very carefully out here. There's no danger!
I love this. It's a gazing ball. I really want a gazing ball for my back yard-- but, wait. What is that really??? It's Jeanne's mom's bowling ball!!! Well, if you don't bowl anymore, look at all you can do with it!
And DiDi is content in her yard-- she loves the visitors and the beautiful flowers and paths. But, most of all, it's just home! And she loves it.


lady jicky said...

I can see why didi loves her home. What a beautiful yard and she has visitors and other doggy friends.

Karin said...

Didi is a lucky little peke. What a lovely paradise her mom has created!


Dee said...

Jeanne really is wonderful (as are all of the people I met with the rescue). and her...well Didi's backyard is gorgeous! All of Jeanne's girls, and George, are adorable. I know that she took great care of Scooter (CooperII?). I still get a lump in my throat thinking of that precious little guy.

Melanie Samet said...

What an incredible backyard. When can I move in??LOL