Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cooper and Dexter

Dexter and Cooper were adopted from us within the past year. They live with Jelly Belly. Jelly Belly is part bassett and SO cute.

Dexter and Jelly Belly enjoy having Cooper too, they play constantly. Cooper has taught Dexter a few tricks of his own, like laying on the back of the couch or using the couch as a look out post (it backs up to a window). Cooper has also taught Dexter how to jump from couch to couch without having to get down on the floor. Cooper likes his big brother role. Dexter's favorite past time is sneaking up and stealing Cooper's favorite toy of the day, just to annoy him. Jelly Belly just watches like a mom and gets her beauty sleep.
Jelly Belly first came to meet Starlight, who chased her all over the yard! Starlight can be so bad! (No, she was never adopted and still lives here-- she is her "ugly self" when people come to visit.) Can you see Cooper, the black one, sitting next to Jelly Belly? It's hard to see Cooper!
Dexter and Cooper are here in a cosy place together. "Are you taking my picture?" says Cooper.
Cooper is doing great and loves to take long walks around the neighborhood. His mom calls him her little bodyguard, he is so alert and so serious when he sees something. Cooper likes to take his toy of the day and sun bathe on the patio, his favorite past time if he isn't hoarding the toys on the couch inside. He has so much personality, at about 10pm he is ready for bed and he sits at the bottom of the stairs waiting to go to bed.
Look at Cooper-- he's ready to party! Love the hat. :-) We all love to dress them up at times. Cooper looks like a "rough and tumble" Peke for sure!

They now all live in California and enjoy the warm weather and sunny days!


lady jicky said...

Oh boy , there is alot of "partying" going on in California! LOL

Karin said...

Cooper sounds like a real character ~ they sure know how to rule the roost, don't they? The toy-hogging characteristic sounds very familiar...