Friday, June 5, 2009

Ollie and Buffy

Here's Ollie and Buffy!
They are new best friends. Buffy was adopted after our last PVPC picnic in April.
Her name was Lotus Blossom/Buffy. She only had the name Lotus Blossom for a short time (she was a shelter dog), and her new owners thought Buffy suited her. And it does. She looks like she's crying-- but don't worry, she's not.
"Oh, did you think I was crying? That was just my face to make you feel sorry for me and give me anything I want."
"Let me try another sad face." She's so feminine with her pink bows and bandana. I think she has her new daddy wrapped around her paw!
Here's Ollie-- and he's handsome!! Look at his macho bandana. And look at the tags-- I LOVE to see dog with tags on! If the dogs we foster had tags on when they got lost, we may have been able to find their owners. Unfortunately, some owners didn't want them anymore. But, once we get them, they get TAGS and lots of other things! (Like shots, neutering, blood tests.... )
Ollie and Buffy love to play. This is Ollie's favorite toy! And Buffy has it! He is being quite a gentleman and sharing with her. But, he longs to get his toy back.
He's still watching!

Oh, looks like she is going to share!! Look at Ollie's grin. He's happy now.
Oh, joy is having your blue toy back!

But, it's more fun to play! Where's the blue toy?? No where to be seen.

Looks like a very vocal play time. :-)

Oh, no! She got the toy again. Ollie will patiently wait again.

"Mom, can you do something about this???"

Back to play!

It's so nice to have a best friend.

A friend who flies!

And then it's cuddle time! I think they're both exhausted, so their owner's adopted daughter's lap is a good place to be!!


Linda said...

Melinda sent me this comment from Australia and I thought it was so funny,I am putting it on for her.
"Hi Linda ---- I am now wondering what is instore for tomorrow! Hey, this is much better than "the Bold and the Beautiful" LOL "

Thanks, Melinda-- I needed the laugh this morning!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh My.!!!! they both are sooooo cute. It's so nice to have a new best friend. Can't wait to see what they are doing tomorrow......

lady jicky said...

I have a huge smile on my face. they are like old best friends!
Now a little story - my dear old Oscar (who died this year and was a pugx malt) and my dear departed Lulu - peke used to go to a groomer who would put bows like Buffy's in Lulu's hair.
Well, Lulu loved those bows and she Knew she looked "goooood" too.
On the other hand - Oscar got jealous! No bows for boys so.... he would try to bite off Lulu's bows!
He would not start a fight but he would sort of work at it over a couple of days. It took me awhile to work out why her bows were getting ratty and working out of her "bunches" - then I saw it -- Oscar giving Lulu a little hello lick and then a good old chew on the bows! I often saw her with one bow only and she was so unhappy.
I do hope Ollie leaves Buffys bows alone! LOL

Thomas McGonigle said...

They are so precious! I must say that Buffy has taken glamour to a whole new level in the Peke world -- LOOK at those bows! Suzy Wonton is in love with Buffy's look and wants to have the EXACT same pink bows on her ears too...she this morning "MOM, I MUST have those bows! When am I getting those bows?" Great post - hugs from Anna and Willy & Suzy

Linda said...

This is from Ollie and Buffy's mom. She's having a hard time adding comments, so I'll just add her email comments. :-) I'm so glad they applied to adopt Ollie and Buffy-- what a WONDERFUL family they are!

"I have been reading all of the cute comments but I had missed this one. I really had a hard time finding those bows but my friend finally found them in a children's store. They clip on nicely but Ollie pulls them out when he gets a chance and Buffy shakes them out if they have been there too long. She does look cute with them though. Also, my vet took a picture of her and said he was going to put it on his computer - he just loved her also.

I tried to respond on the site but I have not figured out how I can make comments.

Thanks so much for all of the nice comments you made and for taking the time to feature our two little buddies. As you see, they are spoiled already. They are both on the bed behind me watching me right now as I type on the computer."
Linda for Ollie/Buffy's mom