Friday, June 30, 2017


 We have some incredible Pekes in our facebook family.  Abby is one of them.
 She lives in Florida with her mom, dad and two brother Pekes.
 She is beautiful and she is a therapy dog now.   I have posted on Abner before-- he was one of my fosters who became a therapy dog in New York.   Abby joined that special group, too.
 Abby loves her brother, Harry and Magoo.
 She reminds me so much of my Cranberry-- Cranberry could not have been a therapy dog haha.
Abby brings love and comfort to those in need-- it's a wonderful job for her.   We're proud of you, sweet girl!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017


I previously wrote on Charlie last week.  He needed help because of oral fistulas going up from the mouth to his nasal passage.  The specialist gave us "pause" and we were not sure we could help Charlie.  But, after the rescue committee put their heads together, we decided to try one more thing.  
 We took Charlie to my vet in Virginia Beach.  My vet is amazing and it's a large clinic.  Some of the vets specialize in dentals and so we thought we would try again.  
 We moved Charlie temporarily to a foster home near me with Sherry (who fostered Joyful Grace).   He went to the vet yesterday.  He was a little unsure.
 Mattie went with me.   She loves me and is thrilled if she gets to go places with me.  (She will be a tough one to let go, but she will be adopted with Benjamin and I know I'll get lots of updates.)
 Dr. Meador looked over Charlie.   His face is sensitive-- understandably.   The only way to really see into his mouth is under sedation.
 Matt and Charlie thought the other was cute--
 "You're not Benjamin."  
 Mattie gave her "flying Nun" look and let Charlie know we would take good care of him.
 She said a little prayer and it was answered!  The vet is going to try to correct Charlie's mouth on Friday.  They are fitting him in because his case is very severe.  With two fistulas in his mouth, he has a high chance of getting food in them, and possibly aspirating on it.
Charlie will be in good hands with my vet.  If anyone can correct this, she can.   If you would like to help with Charlie's surgery costs, just let us know.  You can message me and I can tell you how. (Or you can go to our website and click on "donate."  Click here: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Donate Now
Please lift up Charlie on Friday as he goes through surgery.  I hope it will be successful and we can give this little one years of joy.   I'll update you as soon as I can.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


 Buffy came into rescue in April of 2009.   We do not usually take out-of-area fosters, but we made an exception for this one.   She was in a Louisiana shelter and a rescue friend got her to prevent her from being bred again.   She had an owner who did not want to pay her fine when she was at the shelter-- our gain!
 Buffy was quickly adopted-- and she joined her new brother Ollie for a life of love and pampering.
 She was only a year old when we got her and her foster mom in Louisiana almost kept her.  I remember her saying, "If you think this little girl will be in a crate tonight, think again.  She is sleeping with me!"  
 Buffy loves to visit an older relative who really enjoys having Buffy there.  Buffy sits quietly on her lap.
 Dogs can be so much comfort to older people-- and several of our adopted dogs have become therapy dogs who visit airports and hospitals.
 Buffy's mom said "Something so little brings so much happiness to those who are sick."
Buffy does a great job giving joy to her mom's friend and relative.  Good job, little one!!  I'm so proud of you.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


 Festus came into rescue in August of 2012.  
 He was supposed to be about 11 years old, but he was adopted quickly by Sherry.   She also adopted his buddy Briscoe.   Sherry loves the seniors and fosters and adopts them.  
 Festus was a model dog-- loving, easy going, and a very sweet boy.  
 Festus enjoyed being outside with his friends.
 Festus was the best foster brother to so many of Sherry's foster dogs.  After she adopted from us, she became a wonderful foster mom to some of our neediest fosters like Huri, Semi and Joyful Grace.  She had a calming influence on them and gave them the medical care and love they so deserved.
 Sherry had to let Festus go yesterday.  He had a wonderful life and it was time.  But, saying good bye is so difficult, even when we know it's the right thing to do.
Run free, now, sweet one.  Go play with your friends, and enjoy being healthy and young again.  We love you.


No, this is not a Peke-but she sure is cute!  
Mo, who was adopted from us earlier this year, has a new sister and he is not too impressed.
He was not sure he wanted a new friend.
His buddy, Ty-Ty died early this year, and we were looking for a new friend for Mo, but this little girl joined her family and they were so happy.  When you are used to have multiple dogs, it's just not right to have just one.
I think they will get used to each other and probably become great friends.  What do you think? :-)

Monday, June 26, 2017


 Baby Girl came into rescue with her friends, Furby and Rocky.  
 Baby Girl/BG had lumps and cysts on her.  At least, we thought they were cysts.
 Once she had her cardiology appointment, we were able to have surgery done on her.  The biopsy results came back and they were not what we were hoping for.   The large cyst on her neck turned out to be cancer, and so did the one on her abdomen.  Another was benign.  The surgeon also found other issues, and she obviously went through a lot before we got her.
She has recovered well, with one problem that took her back to the emergency room.  Her incision opened up (due to just not enough skin to work with when the stitches were done).    She is continuing to heal and rest in her foster home.   She will be on medical hold and will probably stay that way.
She is getting all the love and care that she can get.   Every need will be taken care of by her wonderful foster parents.   We will give her the best life we can.  (We have made decisions as a rescue on her treatment, so please no comments on that-- thanks.)

Sunday, June 25, 2017


 Lily and Ted, who belong to Beth and David, are PVPC alumni.
 Ted has found a comfy spot to spend Sunday.
I think they all have the right idea!  Lily, Ted, Cos and Missy (white one) are just hanging out.  It's a Sunday thing!

Saturday, June 24, 2017


 Dhigbi was in a Maryland shelter when friends of mine went to pick him up for rescue.  He was a beautiful sable and white Pekingese-- and he was so sweet!   Ann was going to transport him, but he wound himself around her heart and she could not bear to let him go.  Some dogs do that to us.  They choose us and we have to listen.
Dhigbi had a wonderful life with his mom and dad and Peke friends.  They did all they could, but he could no longer get up or even drink water.  It was time to say good-bye.  It was heartbreaking, as all farewells are.  I know his brother, Benny, will miss his best friend.  Run free now, sweet Dhigbi.  You were greatly loved.


 Smushie was at a local shelter in 2014--
 He was there after being moved from a SC shelter.   The owner had turned him in.  He was heartworm positive and needed help.
 He was so sweet and grateful to be loved on.   He was medically treated for heartworms and given all he needed.
 We were told he was 7 at the time, which would make him about ten now, but we really are not sure what his age is.  
 He is on a lot of medication to help his heart, but he is just fine with that.  He is a sweet boy, loves rolling around on his bed and enjoying life.   I don't know why this one was never adopted, but some aren't.  I can never figure it out.
I love the older ones, and most are so grateful for being saved.  I know Smushie is one of them!