Wednesday, June 28, 2017


 Buffy came into rescue in April of 2009.   We do not usually take out-of-area fosters, but we made an exception for this one.   She was in a Louisiana shelter and a rescue friend got her to prevent her from being bred again.   She had an owner who did not want to pay her fine when she was at the shelter-- our gain!
 Buffy was quickly adopted-- and she joined her new brother Ollie for a life of love and pampering.
 She was only a year old when we got her and her foster mom in Louisiana almost kept her.  I remember her saying, "If you think this little girl will be in a crate tonight, think again.  She is sleeping with me!"  
 Buffy loves to visit an older relative who really enjoys having Buffy there.  Buffy sits quietly on her lap.
 Dogs can be so much comfort to older people-- and several of our adopted dogs have become therapy dogs who visit airports and hospitals.
 Buffy's mom said "Something so little brings so much happiness to those who are sick."
Buffy does a great job giving joy to her mom's friend and relative.  Good job, little one!!  I'm so proud of you.


LadyJicky said...

Pekingese are great dogs for older people and especially the disabled.
What a pretty girl Ms Buffy is!!!

Lost Earring said...

Buffy is a beauty and that loving face lifts my spirits just looking at her photo so I can just imagine the feelings she stirs in people who receive her attention. She is just a little living doll.

Unknown said...

So great she landed in the right hands.what a beautiful baby❤