Monday, June 26, 2017


 Baby Girl came into rescue with her friends, Furby and Rocky.  
 Baby Girl/BG had lumps and cysts on her.  At least, we thought they were cysts.
 Once she had her cardiology appointment, we were able to have surgery done on her.  The biopsy results came back and they were not what we were hoping for.   The large cyst on her neck turned out to be cancer, and so did the one on her abdomen.  Another was benign.  The surgeon also found other issues, and she obviously went through a lot before we got her.
She has recovered well, with one problem that took her back to the emergency room.  Her incision opened up (due to just not enough skin to work with when the stitches were done).    She is continuing to heal and rest in her foster home.   She will be on medical hold and will probably stay that way.
She is getting all the love and care that she can get.   Every need will be taken care of by her wonderful foster parents.   We will give her the best life we can.  (We have made decisions as a rescue on her treatment, so please no comments on that-- thanks.)


LadyJicky said...

Oh poor Baby!
What a worry you must all be in !!
I will put her in my prayers.

Unknown said...

Poor Baby Girl! So glad that she's receiving love and attention for whatever time she has! Bless those foster parents and PCPR

Unknown said...

I am so sorry.....but I know withya doubt she is in the best hands - hands that will love her and make wise decisions for her future. We are praying for Baby Girl and all involved.

Unknown said...

Prayers for BG hugs and kisses. So glad you are getting help.