Thursday, June 15, 2017


Mattie and Starlight
 I only have two females in my house.
 Everyone here is a foster or former foster.  Starlight has been here over 9 years now.   (Everyone knows Starlight's story, but if you don't, she refused to let anyone adopt her, becoming Cujo.  So, she stayed!)
 I can't believe I've done rescue that long.  Actually, this is the beginning of my 15th year in rescue.  Can I retire soon?
 Mattie came here after my daughter rescued her.   My daughter tends to do that!
 Mattie enchanted us with her flying ears and sweet spirit.
 Starlight was not enchanted by her.  Starlight is the princess.
 Mattie didn't mind. She just wanted to be loved.
 Seeing them together on the porch steps-- unusual.
 Neither one paid much attention to each other.
 "Is there another dog here?  I don't think so."
 "Oh, there you are."
 These two are so cute.   Starlight is beautiful but very picky about who she will trust.  Mattie is a little beauty, too, and she loves everyone!   She has a line of people who are interested in her.  She's just biding her time.   Rescue fostering gives the opportunity to love so many-- and I have!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh you know Linda ...... even biting me like Crazy I would dog nap that Starlight!!!
Ms Starlight is just soooooo Pretty but she has some competition with Mattie of the Flying Ears!!

No fights? Good - as two females in any breed can get that way! Right Bitches! LOL