Tuesday, June 20, 2017


We made one last trip to the Farm to say good-bye.
Gigi loves the Farm.  She is almost 3 years old and loves to roam.  She is very well trained, and most of the time is inside the fenced area.  (Unlike Granger, who is not allowed outside the fenced area because he will not behave!)
He seems to be constantly looking for ways to get out.
Benjamin is not looking for ways to get out haha.  (Sorry, I have to have a little humor with my vision impaired dogs.)
Or is he?
The swing set we bought them years ago will stay-- hopefully, a new set of children will enjoy it
The grove of pine trees used to be where they got their Christmas trees. Now they are all huge.
Gigi will miss it.
Apollo will be going with them, and he will be at the farm where the horses will be-- a short distance from their new home.
They tried to help him become an inside cat, but he did not want any part of that!
Benjamin explored the fence line.
He is so much like Kai Kai-- and also like my Scooterbug.
The chickens have all moved to another farm already.  The movers come this week, so they are all in their new home.
Mattie has been checking everything out.  She has done really well since her big dental.  She is still on soft food.  I want to make sure her mouth is totally healed.  She is a little champ!
Apollo is enjoying hanging out!   Chumley did not know WHY he would not come down!
Farewell to the Farm.  We have loved it.  But, we will really love having the family so much closer!!


LadyJicky said...

It is sad but its so much better if your family is closer.

Lost Earring said...

Loved seeing a last look at the farm and all of your babies reaction to the event. Ben-Ben is such a beautiful guy and I noticed yesterday that he is unerring in following along the fence line. Mattie is his guide. Granger is much like my Mercer Meyer...there are things to see and explore in other places if only he could get out of that fenced place.