Saturday, June 10, 2017


 Camp Runamuck is in session.   I see a lot of fluffy butts!   Granger is here.
 Benjamin Ben-Ben has wonderful tail fluffs!
 I need to brush Floyd-- but don't want to stress him.  I will do it in small sessions.
 Wait, that is NOT a fluffy butt!  This is GiGi-- my daughter's Chocolate Lab.
 Ben-Ben is following Granger around the yard.  They are both so sweet.  I suspect we will have a play session this week-end.
 And then they switch places.
 Mattie is followed by her friend, Ben-Ben.   Ben-Ben's eyes look so much better and he seems to have a little more vision.  (Thank you to everyone who supports us-- it means we can take him to the ophthalmologist who is taking such great care of him.)
 Granger is off to explore.  Any skinks or squirrels out there?
 Floyd, are you looking for some?
 This could be my Scooterbug-- they look so similar!
 Gigi, Floyd and Mattie are waiting for the gang to come in.
Max said, "Forget it all!  I am taking a nap!"


LadyJicky said...

Lots of fluffy butts and what lovely weather you are having.

Lost Earring said...

So many adorable Fluffy Butts. Ben-Ben reminds me of our Bandit with the beautiful flowing locks and pretty tail.