Saturday, June 24, 2017


 Smushie was at a local shelter in 2014--
 He was there after being moved from a SC shelter.   The owner had turned him in.  He was heartworm positive and needed help.
 He was so sweet and grateful to be loved on.   He was medically treated for heartworms and given all he needed.
 We were told he was 7 at the time, which would make him about ten now, but we really are not sure what his age is.  
 He is on a lot of medication to help his heart, but he is just fine with that.  He is a sweet boy, loves rolling around on his bed and enjoying life.   I don't know why this one was never adopted, but some aren't.  I can never figure it out.
I love the older ones, and most are so grateful for being saved.  I know Smushie is one of them!

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LadyJicky said...

What a beautiful boy! I would have adopted him in a heartbeat.So pretty and he takes his medicine well . I do not understand it either.