Thursday, January 31, 2013


GET READY!   THE PICNIC FOR THIS YEAR WILL BE ON APRIL 27, SATURDAY.   It will be at Frying Pan Farm Park  on 2739 West Ox Road, Herndon,Va 20171.    More details to come later!   It will be so much fun!!


Just got an update on Lady-- she saw the opthalmologist yesterday and her eyes are dramatically improved!!   She may even have a little sight in one.   She is now relaxed and happy and knows she is loved!   YAHOO!!
 Lady was found in the WV mountains, wandering alone.   It was really cold and she was extremely thin.   A kind woman found her and took her to the vet where she would be safe. The vet said she wouldn't have lasted the next day as the temperatures really dropped.    (The lady had three big dogs at home and didn't feel she would be safe there. She paid for her boarding and she was safe and fed.)
 I called the vet to verify that this was a Peke-- did she have bowed legs, etc.  They said yes.  So, we took her.  Do these legs look bowed to you?  Nope-- she's a Japanese Chin.   She is also blind, and old, and has a heart murmur and enlarged heart.    BUT, her transporter fell in love with her when she brought her to her home in N.Va.    So, Lady has a home!  
Lady is settled in and happy and will have a happy life, however long it is.   She has discovered toys and is giving two of her squeaky toys a fit! One of them is half her size so it's hard to see who is winning but it's the first time she has been really light hearted. I know this makes her new mom and dad so happy! 
And just when we think things will settle for awhile, we get another one.    This is Champagne Bubbles-- named for her color and personality.   Look for more on her blog in a few days.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Cowboy, now Yoda, was adopted from us in the fall.   He came to us in terrible shape, but he is doing great in his new home!    
 He has a new sister now!    Her name is Chloe.   Chloe is a special Peke-- they all are.
 Chloe is blind, but it doesn't get in her way at all.    She was rescued by Yoda's parents because they knew she didn't have much chance of being adopted in the shelter.    If people only knew how much these dogs can do without sight-- it's amazing.
 Chloe has a bad eye, and it may be a little odd to look at, but she doesn't need to have it removed.   It doesn't bother her or her parents.    She is so loving and will come up and put her paw on their knees to get attention.
Yoda is protective of his little Peke sister and seems to know she is special.   Give her a pat for me, Yoda!

Monday, January 28, 2013


 Look at this beautiful face.    He reminds me of Piper.    Yanni (Frankie) was taken to a shelter by his college owners who didn't have time for him.  I don't know what he went through in his short one year life, but he was terrified.  
Here he was at the shelter.  I thought he had been shaved, but seems he is a Peke-Pug mix.   He is adorable!  The shelter was going to euthanize him if we didn't take him.   He is a wonderful boy who just wants a forever family!      Click here: Online Application adopt - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club


"In Paris, there are more dogs than there are children, and Parisians spend nearly $500,000 every day on health and grooming for their pets."  My daughter sent me this from MostWowFacts-- amazing!


 Piper is one of the nicest foster dogs I've ever had.  If I didn't have so many, I'd just keep him!   Look at this face!!
 He loves his playmates.    Max and Kai (and Scooter) are usually int he yard with him.
 Max is checking out that cold, white stuff.
 Kai is, too.
 Kai goes down to see if there is snow in the creek.
 The snow is on the playhouse and swing.   It's all over the deck.
 And it's on Piper's nose!
 He checked out the border grass-- all covered.
 The snowy yard is so pretty in the evening!
 Piper decided to see if he can get up the slide.   Even if there is no snow, he can't do this.
 But, he tries!
 Piper, you are so cute.
You are a wonderful boy!
Click here: pipersnowjan - YouTube
We have a "slide/runway" set up inside for Beach Bit.    We decided to let Piper try it. :-)    Click here: piperjanuary - YouTube

Sunday, January 27, 2013


My Cranberry has degenerative disc disease, so she has a lot of trouble getting around.
She loves the snow, though, and must have done her snow dance to get the snow to come to us in S.E. Virginia.  
I put her coat on and we went out so she could enjoy it.
It must have been like a shot in the arm-- or leg-- for her.   Her younger self came out.  Cranberry is over 11 now, but she acted younger in the snow.   I would think the cold would make her spine worse, but for some reason, she seemed to be better out in the cold.   (Lucinda, can you explain this?)
"Is there more snow coming?"
"Let me check.   I'm sure there is more somewhere."
Cranberry wandered around the yard for awhile.  
And Beach Bit wandered with her.     He loved the snow, too!   Here are some videos of Cranberry-- she was speedy in these!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


A friend sent me this recall/warning.    He said that "the last few lines are the most telling, that a Chinese manufacturer falsified records, also there is a link at the bottom of this story to another story where it turns out that at the plants the Chinese allowed the FDA to inspect, the FDA was not allowed to take samples of product-unless they were analyzed in China."


 Annabelle has been in her new home for awhile now-- this tiny girl is very content there!
 Look at the sweet face-- you wouldn't think she wanted to be boss, would you? :-)
 Think again!!  
 She wants to boss JoJo, who is hiding in the blankets.  She can do things to him, and he shrugs it off, but if he does it to her, on my!   (JoJo really just loves to get into the pile of blankets.)  
 She wants to boss the stuffed animals, too.  Take that!
 Annabelle loves her toys.    She would have them out all the time to play with them whenever the mood hits her.  Her mom keeps them in a basket on the table next to the computer-- and if Annabelle wants one, she comes over to growl and bark as if to say, II want to play with a toy."  If that doesn't work, she'll scratch on something-- anything-- to get her attention.   And then she'll give her a piecing stare until a toy is given to her.  
 Sometimes, JoJo wants to play with a toy and little Annabelle can be a pill if she wants the same toy.   Poor JoJo.    Looks like he has it now though.
And Annabelle got it back-- and is balancing it over her.  Toys, glorious toys!   These two are as different as night and day-- and both loved so much!  

Friday, January 25, 2013


It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure this out.   If you are cold outside, your pet will be cold.  Don't let them stay out too long.  Bring them inside!


It's cold here in Virginia-- in the 20s near the beach.    So, Beth's dogs decided they'd help keep her warm.    I think they're doing a great job!


 Lewis is a three year old Peke who is with a sister rescue, Mutts Matter Rescue.
 Lewis was in a rural WV shelter and was terrified.   He is a big boy, at 25 pounds (overweight) and was unhappy, filthy and matted in the shelter.  
 He is all vetted now, but he is still insecure with strangers.    He can be snappy until he knows you and is comfortable.    Patience, love and time will help with these.   He won't be placed in a home with young children.    Once he knows people, he is happy and affectionate.   He loves to go on walks, and that will help him lose some of the pounds he is carrying.   He does get along with other dogs, but isn't super playful.    He can be left alone at home and will be happy when you return.  
If you would be interested in finding out more about Lewis,  just email

Thursday, January 24, 2013


We get updated on Henry-- now Teddy bear.      He lives with Thor, above, who thinks he is a rabbit dog. :-)    He's beautiful!
Teddy Bear continues to thrive with the love and care he is given.   He is a senior and his mom fell in love with his picture when he was with us.   I LOVE that this sweet senior boy has a forever home!


 Puggy and Bessie were adopted by their foster parents.  For some reason, they just couldn't let these two go.   It happens-- most of us foster parents have found a dog (or dogs) that they couldn't let go.  
 Puggy is very content to stay-- can you tell?
And Bessie is almost laughing because she is so excited!!
 Their other two dogs were rescues also.   AJ is on the left  and Winnie, the lab mix is in the middle.   She's pretty shy and timid even though she's been there five years.    (They don't know what happened to her, but she is safe now!)
 Winnie decided that Puggy, the black Peke, was going to stay weeks ago.   She plays with her and it's as if she is getting the puppyhood that she never got.     Her mom said that is Winnie could pick up Puggy in her mouth and carry her around, she would!  Puggy would probably love it.
These two now have a wonderful forever home!! WAHOO!!