Thursday, April 30, 2020


Waldo was adopted about a year ago.  
Waldo made quite an amazing transformation since then.  
  He is still territorial with his food, but has grown closer to Wendy Lou.
Waldo had some behavior issues from things that had happened to him.  But, he is happier than he has ever been.  His mom and dad took him to 5 sessions with a behavioral therapist and he no longer rushes the door. He hasn't been "a pill" in over 9 months! 
His sister, Wendy Lou, turned 14 years old this week.   She loves the beach and time with her best friend.    
They are both enjoying Mommy being home everyday, going on extra walks and having extra play time.  
On the weekends, Waldo and Wendy Lou help with yard work.  They watch and supervise, and bark at birds and bunnies. 
There couldn't have been a more perfect home for Waldo!!  

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Nasal fold surgery is not uncommon for Pekingese.  My Scooterbug had this years ago because the fold under his eyes was touching the eyes. 
Paddington had this surgery.   If the hair on the fold touches the eye, over time, the eye will form scar tissue as a protection.   This causes blind spots, and can build up and limit the vision. 
You can see how Scooterbug's eyes were more visible, since the fold had been removed on both eyes.
Piper, don't worry, you don't need it.  You have no eye folds. 
Mitsy came to us, and she needed multiple surgeries.  One was to reduce the nasal (eye) fold.  You can see how prominent the folds are.
Her folds should have been removed years ago, and now she has so much pigment on her eyes because this didn't happen.   Her vision is limited.
It's important not to rub the stitches, so an e-collar was necessary.   Out came the big pasta bowl for water.   She could easily get a drink. 
The eye area is shaved down, and then full of stitches after a section of skin is removed. 
Mitsy was so good-- she never tried to bother the area.
"I feel your pain," said Paddington.
I switched her to a more Peke friendly e-collar, which helped her to eat with more ease (and I didn't have to hand feed haha).   She still didn't bother her stitches.
You can see that this e-collar does not come out as far.  With some dogs, this e-collar won't work because they will manage to push it back and rub their eyes.  But, Mitsy was good. 
She looked like a train wreck for a bit.
I took the e-collar off to wash it and she did fine, so I left it off.  The e-collars can also cause sores on the neck, so check that.  Mitsy had some, so I cleaned them, and let them air and heal. 
And look how great her eyes look now.  When her hair grows back, you won't even notice the scars.
Paddington said, "It just made me more beautiful."  😉💙

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Our Pekingese picnic is at this time every year-- the end of April to the beginning of May time frame.   But, this year, the pandemic prevented us from having one.   
 Last year, everyone met Paddington.   He wasn’t “bad Pad” yet. 🤦‍♀️  He’s really good most of the time. Lol
Poncho was adopted from us-- as many of them are-- and he said, "I would come!"
Enzo and Annie said, "Go away Pandemic!"
Sam is a newer addition to his mom.   She has had many Pekes and he has stolen her heart.  I can't wait to meet him. 
Lazy Lucy is 12 and was hoping to come.  She doesn't live far from me.  WOW.
Annie came from a shelter near me and I didn't know she was missing a tail, because I agreed to take her and she was still in the kennel.   I was surprised when I saw her-- no tail!  Just like Clara.  :-)
Nippy, Monk and Luna are all PVPC alumni.   Luna is the newest addition and I would have been able to meet her for the first time.   I hope I can in the fall!
Leo would come-- and find a nice shady spot.
Boss (3 years ago) would have loved seeing all the Pekes there.
Oshie was coming!   He is just being silly here.
Linda's dogs would have loved to come.  They are homebodies, but a day's outing would have been so much fun.
Gigi and Shark are hoping to join us.
Daisy's dad is AWESOME.  He had done so many yard sales to raise money for our Pekes.  He has such a generous heart!
Finley-- what a somber face for a happy boy.   I bet you get a lot of kisses.
Tilt said he'd bring toys to the picnic.
Brandy and Cameron's mom works at home now-- so they all needed a virtual picnic--it's not as good as the real thing, but it's better than none.  
Gizmo was posing-- his mom and dad have a big "camper"-- okay, a house on wheels, and so they bring their home with them.  And lots of Pekes!!
Mollie, I know you.   Did your mom tell you that you are getting a new Peke sister?
Nikki is a Japanese Chin, but we welcome other breeds.   One year a LARGE dog came-- and was so friendly.  We loved it.
Moxie would have come in her stroller-- she is one of our foster dogs.  She does  have some spine issues, but it doesn't get in her way.   Sometimes, she poops a little without knowing it, but she tries not to.   She is available for adoption.  Isn't she beautiful.
Kasper and Chewie's mom flies a lot, but she has precious ones to come home to.
Reggie playing with his cat.  His mom suggested our virtual picnic.  GREAT idea!
Patches, I recognize those dirty feet!   Yep, I saw the video of you running in the yard and resisting having your feet wiped down. 
Mulan and Bradley can hopefully come if we have a picnic in the fall.  Bradley would like to see his foster mom, Paula.  Mulan will probably stay in the camper LOL.
Hello, Gracie.  She is Mattie's sister and Mattie is special to us, having been found at a bank by my daughter. 
Rocky was decorated for Palm Sunday-- he is such a sweet dog.
Rosie is doing a raspberry to the whole COVID thing!  (I think a lot of us are joining you!)
Buffy comes to the picnic almost every year.   She was one of our special ones since we saved her from Louisiana-- a very special request for her safety.  We were glad to help.
Are you waiting for dinner, Charley?
Mattie would have come from Florida for the picnic.   She has two houses, and it's time to come north-- but there's a hindrance called PANDEMIC!
Butters would have traveled to the picnic in style!!  And he could see everything along the bed, thanks to his high car seat.
ChaCha is Poncho's sister-- all the pictures didn't "load up" the way I wanted, so family members may be spaced out.  It just keeps me guessing!
Polo looks like he is behind a sport net.  Are you watching a game or playing one?
Murphy with his new best friend, Ming.  I was so looking forward to meeting this sweet pair.
Daisy was adopted from us, too.  HMMM, not a Peke, but we were glad to help anyway!
Theo and Thurston were adopted as puppies from us (we had a pregnant momma!).  They have the greatest home with lots of friends.
Tai and Justice-- both PVPC alumni.  They are in the double stroller they bid on at last year's picnic.  We have a great selection of things to bid on.
Chelsea and her siblings were going to come-- oh, look at the teeth!  Love it.
Sammy is an older boy now.  He was adopted from us years ago and he now lives in Italy!   He's a world traveler.  A virtual picnic is the only way he could come.
ChiChi is stunning.  She would have been at the registration table.
Wendy's Gypsy is an angel now, but her mom says she would have loved a picnic.  Beautiful girl.
Sunny hopes we will have the picnic in the fall since he could not have come on the original date.   He's a PVPC alumni.
China and Magoo want to come from Florida-- they came once before and I was so happy to meet their mom in person.   I feel I know some of you so well on line, but in person is awesome!
Sir Coltrane of BurmaPeke-- the first of his kind.  He looks like a mini St. Bernard!
Teddy is one of our fosters who is in Richmond.  He is SO CUTE, but he does have Peke-a-tude.  He needs a special owner who understands him.  But, what a sweet face.   He is available for adoption.
Susie was planning to come for the first time this year.  I hope we can have it in the fall so she can come then.
Sweet Winnie was adopted from us too.  He was a foster and his mom and dad fell in love! 
Allie Marie and Oshie would have arrived in their stroller.
Wu, I was looking forward to seeing you and your mom.  I guess we will have to do it another time.  Give her a hug for me for all her encouragment!
Kendal, is this Gracie?
Bernie "The Bern" would have been there.   And I could see his mom again in person-- now that would be a treat!
Oh, Simba.   Such a sweet boy-- he never made it out of transport.  His transporter became his mom!
Bruno-- love the pose.  Each year we have so many types of Pekes.  It's wonderful to see so many.
Charlie is going to try hard to come. 
Dash is older, but he has enough energy to hop in the camper to travel.
Puddles was a foster failure-- he's a beauty who came to me from my area.  I needed a foster home and his mom and dad stepped up (they had fostered before).   He's so glad they did.
Scout was all set for the picnic-- it's so close to her house.  I hope I can see her again in the fall.   (I do see her, pre-pandemic, at the Peke meetings.)
Bink was going to head up the Kissing Booth again.  It was a new addition last year and it was awesome!
Lilly, aka Princess Pouffy, was going to come.  I think she was bringing a few friends!
Sir Oliver, just adopted, was going to come to show off his incredible sweet temperament.
Hello sweet Magnolia-- are you resting up for the picnic.   The virtual one requires no energy.
Dixie and Pepper Ann are older, but that's okay.  The Pekes don't have to do anything but hang out and be adored.
Lucy Lu was adopted from us-- I remember her mom's message to me.  It was the beginning of a journey to a new home for Lucy.
Sophie lives right in Richmond.  It would be easy for her to come for the picnic.   Many people drive hours to get there.
Butters-- your ears are adorable!
Kasey's dad would have insisted on him coming.   Ty has never had a Peke attach to him-- that is, until Kasey came and changed his world. 
Lexie-- oh, I love that name.  I had a beauty named Lexie.  I see a baby gate.  The tragedy of those gates. LOL
Chien Chien would come, but she lives in California now.   I drove a LONG way to pick her up.  About 5-6 hours to get her out of a shelter.   She was SO worth it!
Buddy and tiny Dusty were there last year and plan to come again.
I think this is Rocco-- three pics were together, so I'm not sure.  Either way, SO CUTE!
Hello, Bubba!!   I think you and all your Peke friends would love the picnic! 
Sarah's Sadie would have joined us.  Do you want to kiss her face?
Bennet and Allie are alumni, too.   I love seeing all the alumni Pekes come to the picnic.  It's so good to see how their lives have continued on after adoption.
Wow, that's a lot of Pekes.   The next time I think of doing a post that has over 70 pictures, someone stop me!   I'm exhausted!   If we missed putting your picture on this, just post it below and we will include you in our fun virtual picnic!!