Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scarlet and Pekes

This is Scarlett-- her mom adopted one of my foster dogs-- Stitch. Scarlett is busy getting ready for Halloween! She's helping her mom carve a pumpkin-- a spoon is hard to carve with, but she's doing it! I bet the pumpkin tastes good, too.
Scarlett has two Peke siblings. Pekaboo and Stitch.
Pekeaboo was there first, and is the queen there-- I think we all have one Peke royalty at our homes-- one that knows they're the boss.
Pekeaboo is watching Scarlett crawl around on the floor-- from the safety of the couch!! Stitch is in the background on the ottoman. Pekeaboo wants to be in the room with her, but be "above it all" to observe. Scarlett really wishes they would come down to play. Many Pekes aren't good with children, but Pekeaboo and Stitch do just fine.
Stitch loves Scarlett-- they are best friends. Scarlett shares her toys with Stitch.
I think they're playing peke-a-boo here (no pun intended on Pekaboo's name!). I love those floor "play gyms" for babies-- I'm going to have to get one for my grandson who is due in January!
Stitch loves his baby and when he's had enough play, he'll just go to his mom and let her know. What a good boy he is! He doesn't snap or try to bite at all.
I think Stitch wants the Starbucks! Sorry, Stitch-- it's only the holder. But, I'm with you-- Starbucks is a necessity here! Scarlett, give Stitch a hug for me! And wave to Pekeaboo, too.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Gracie and Eye Surgery

Gracie was adopted last year. She is a beautiful girl! She is very loved by her mom!
She usually lays by the front door in her bed-- sometimes resting, but most of the time keeping watch over the street and the neighborhood.
Gracie scratched her cornea in her eye several weeks ago-- Pekingese are so low to the ground and it's easy for this to happen. Her mom has no idea what she did-- but she immediately took her to the vet, who referred her to the vet opthalmologist. Gracie needed immediate surgery to fix this injury. She has to wear an e-collar while she heals. Dogs usually hate these collars! Poor Gracie!
Gracie has to have eye drops and she can recognize the bottles. When she sees her mom get one she shuts that eye very tightly and looks at her with the other eye. With a bit of cajoling, she finally gets the drop in. Gracie is recovering well-- of course, this means a lot of rest. She can rest anywhere-- on a couch, on the floor......
But, "her chair" is the best place to rest!
Gracie feels better and is now back to her job as street monitor and house protector. This is a serious job and she could only take a few days of sick leave! She has sat at the door and barked as folks went by and when a friend came to visit, she flew to the door and jumped in her lap as if to say, "It's about time you came to see me."
Gracie seems to be coming right along. She got a thorough check up and she is less resistant to the drops since she feels better. The surgeon thinks once the healing is complete, Gracie should still see with her eye-- maybe not as well, but still see things. It's amazing what surgeons can do for these dogs' eyes! Her eye will look more normal as she heals. Right now, it looks much worse than it feels.
Gracie thinks that collar is a HALO thus qualifying her for the head ANGEL. That's our girl. Here's a hug, Gracie!!!

Love, "Aunt Linda"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Puppy Mill Dogs

As you have heard, our group has been asked to help with puppy mill dog that were rescued in one of the worse raids the rescuers have seen. Here are some that our group is probably taking in. I want to thank all of you who are helping-- either by fostering or donating funds to help us do their vet work/care.

Look at this little Peke who is bossing the rest of the dogs in her nice area at the shelter we are working with
The shelter has wonderful "runs" where these dogs have food and water and blankets and warmth and freedom. It is a new shelter and the people are wonderful.
This little Peke wants some attention! They are amazingly friendly -- unusual for dogs who have been in cages their whole lives.
Most have been shaved down. They are being given initial vet care, baths, and love at the shelter. We begin bringing them into our foster homes on Wed. (28th October). We are taking TEN of them. We've had volunteers stepping up to help. THANK YOU!
They all need help, but we can't help them all. For the ones we CAN help, it makes all the difference.
"Can I get really close to the camera?"
"Look at me!"
"I'll get closer so you can have a better look."
This one looks like several I've had-- beautiful faces. Some have eye problems that we'll take care of, but this one seems to be just fine.
We'll have this guy's eyes checked-- or maybe he's just really in awe at all the attention he's getting.
It's so nice to have a comfy place to sleep.
Look at this handsome boy! (I think it's a boy-- the Shih Tzu with him needs helps, too. Hopefully other rescue groups will step forward to help the other small dogs that were taken in.)
We call this guy "Mr. Macho". He's rough and tumble and ready to go! We have a great foster home for him!

Thank you again for all of you who are making it possible for our group to help these little, precious ones.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shadow and his Friends

Shadow is enjoying the fall. This indicates his level of being spoiled. He gets turn down service every night. His human sister says, "What do you expect from royalty living amongst us?"

He is good with snuggling in the covers and just taking a rest on these cooler days.
I'd like to do the same! It's drizzly here today-- but I can't curl up under afghans and veg out. I'll have to do it vicariously through Shadow!
Shadow was one of my earlier foster dogs. He was adopted over five years ago. He is such a wonderful boy.
Look at that smile. He loves being with Lara, his human sister.
Here he is in the field, enjoying the grass and flowers. Look at that tongue!
Here is Shadow with his new friend, Ane for Aneas. The puppy is also called Pannini and Pesto. His owner said, "He answers to many things. He is always in my face and so enthusiastic. He is very sweet and the kids call him Henry. He seems to just want to respond to any voice that speaks to him."
Shadow loves the puppy-- the puppy is nutty and makes his family laugh all day. Shadow sometimes lets the puppy in bed with them at night. Shadow will stretch himself as if he's six feet tall! If the puppy is on the bed, Shadow will roll around so the puppy has no space!
Here is Meng with the puppy. Meng is about ten years old now, but has a health condition that is hard to treat. Her hair is getting thinner, but she loves her new sweater that keeps her warm. Aneas is looking out for her.
Shadow keeps a watchful eye also.
Shadow and Aeneas go for rides in the car-- Shadow is the best boy! He also loves to go to the lake in the spring and summer and ride the kayak with his family. Shadow also goes to a nursing home for retired nuns. He is one of their favorite visitors!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is Bogart-- also known as Beach Bogie! He is a Peke-Spaniel mix.
He was rescued at ten years old from a shelter in NC. Bogart is now thirteen years old. And look how happy he is! He loves to go to the beach and for thirteen, he is a very happy, healthy and active boy. We get senior dogs in-- or those who are at least eight years old. Please open your hearts to them. They have so much to give and so much life left in them.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dogs and Tams

Okay, I can't resist something else on Scotland. I picked up pink plaid Tams for my granddaughters. They love them! Here they are with my sister, who came for my BIG birthday earlier this month.
Scooter modeled the Tam-- doesn't he look intelligent?
Wicket didn't want to wear the Tam. He's Scooter's Daddy.
Lottie, Scooter's mom, looks adorable in it. She didn't really WANT to wear it, but she did.
Kallie wore it-- she's a chocolate lab. She's looking a bit put-upon, but she was a good sport.
Pi-Pi loves having it on her head.
Cranberry, who hides out on the stairs when extra dogs are here did not want to wear the Tam.
But, she did. She is not thrilled. But, she lets me get away with a lot of things. Poor Cranberry.
Of course, the cutest Tam wearer is my granddaughter, "Bitty Bit." Dogs and Grandkids-- I love my life!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anna and Oreo

UPDATE: I just picked up Anna yesterday-- she is in pretty critical condition. I have two appts. scheduled for her-- one with the vet and a second with a surgeon. She is so small and her mouth is so damaged. But, she is able to eat and drink. She is in pain, so I have her on pain meds. I have no idea what happened to her. But, I'll do all I can to help her.
More dogs are coming in all the time-- we have to turn down a lot, because we just don't have anywhere to put them. But, when there is a shelter problem, we do all we can to help. Some who don't normally foster step up to help on a one-time foster. I received an email about a little girl in Baltimore.
She was a stray and needs eye help, jaw help, and possible hernia help. No one would take her. I just got her pictures-- she is said to be so sweet. I'll help!
A wonderful couple who adopted from me is going to try to get her from the shelter and then to me in Maryland. Another long drive-- but she's worth it. I'm calling her Anna.
This is Oreo-- you know why he was named that, RIGHT?? :-) He is very young.
His owner died and the family took him to a shelter--
He's so cute!! I have a foster home ready and waiting to get him.

If you are interested in one of these cuties, email me at If you can't adopt, but would like to help with their medical costs-- which Anna, especially, will need, please send me an email and I'll tell you how you can help. You can also go to our web site and do a donation through paypal. Our web site is: