Thursday, October 15, 2009


Click here: Washington Animal Rescue League
Click here: Puppy Mill Rescue Dogs Arrive in DC (This video is not for the timid.)
Our group has been asked to take in some of these former puppy mill dogs. We have only about 5 foster homes, so we need people who will help before we can commit to taking any of these dogs. Of course, we are available to help you by phone/email-- we just need people who want to help change a Peke's life. If you are interested, email me at for more information and a foster application. If you cannot foster, but would like to donate to the care of any we get, please let me know.

Okay, you can all keep grinning! This is Mimi, one of my former foster dogs. She came in with her puppy, and I remember that puppy was a busy thing! Mimi is now the cherished dog of Abby, who does incredible work with animals. She fell in love with Mimi, and now Mimi lives with Abby's family-- dogs, husband, kids.

Abby sent me this note: "Look at this little spoiled thing! There is a new groomer here that does a lot of work for our humane society. She put pink highlights in Mimi's hair! It stays about 6 weeks... My daughter LOVED it! LOL!"

Mimi and her human sister will both be ladybugs for Halloween. Can't wait to see those pictures!


lady jicky said...

Video would not work for me. Will try again.

Mimi - Bell looks lovely in her pink tips!!

Pekiegirl said...

That has to be one of the saddest things I've ever seen, and yet one of the greatest rescues ever. When are they going to outlaw puppy mills?

Anonymous said...

Cruelty sickens me. Thank God for rescue groups.

Mimi is such a doll! I'm so happy she's doing well :)

Linda said...

I have three foster homes so far for some of these little Pekes from the Arkansas raid. We can help some, one Peke are a time.

Karin said...

Like the gentleman in the video said, "Barbaric and horrific".

I am shocked. 15,000 puppy mills in this country, producing 4 million dogs a year...

Mimi is a pretty girl.