Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shadow and his Friends

Shadow is enjoying the fall. This indicates his level of being spoiled. He gets turn down service every night. His human sister says, "What do you expect from royalty living amongst us?"

He is good with snuggling in the covers and just taking a rest on these cooler days.
I'd like to do the same! It's drizzly here today-- but I can't curl up under afghans and veg out. I'll have to do it vicariously through Shadow!
Shadow was one of my earlier foster dogs. He was adopted over five years ago. He is such a wonderful boy.
Look at that smile. He loves being with Lara, his human sister.
Here he is in the field, enjoying the grass and flowers. Look at that tongue!
Here is Shadow with his new friend, Ane for Aneas. The puppy is also called Pannini and Pesto. His owner said, "He answers to many things. He is always in my face and so enthusiastic. He is very sweet and the kids call him Henry. He seems to just want to respond to any voice that speaks to him."
Shadow loves the puppy-- the puppy is nutty and makes his family laugh all day. Shadow sometimes lets the puppy in bed with them at night. Shadow will stretch himself as if he's six feet tall! If the puppy is on the bed, Shadow will roll around so the puppy has no space!
Here is Meng with the puppy. Meng is about ten years old now, but has a health condition that is hard to treat. Her hair is getting thinner, but she loves her new sweater that keeps her warm. Aneas is looking out for her.
Shadow keeps a watchful eye also.
Shadow and Aeneas go for rides in the car-- Shadow is the best boy! He also loves to go to the lake in the spring and summer and ride the kayak with his family. Shadow also goes to a nursing home for retired nuns. He is one of their favorite visitors!


lady jicky said...

Oh boy - there sure is alot going on in Shadows life!
Kenzo wants to know if he gets a mint on his pillow too??? LOL
Aneas (is this a Greek name?) looks like a good match for a puppy game and poor little Meng - we love her jumper - does she have Cushings ? Send her our special love.

claudine hellmuth said...

poor Meng. if she doesn't have Cushings or they aren't 100% sure.

they might try that Malaseb shampoo, you canget it from your vet.

At one point our vet thought Toby had Cushings even tested him for it, he didn't have it and we didn't what was making his hair on his back thin and fall out and be greasy. but my friend who has a rescue suggested using Malaseb and 3 months with Malaseb shampoo 1x a week and all his hair was back! Hope that helps!

Linda said...

Claudine, I just got some malaseb shampoo and wipes to use on Anna's skin-- she has horrible fleas (none now!) and her hair is thin. She also has some yeast on her skin, so this will all help. Thanks for your suggestions.

claudine hellmuth said...

linda - the malaseb shampoo is incredible. better than the wipes. but the wipes are great for touch ups!!

if you can, do the shampoo once a week. if her fur is really bad you can do it 2x a week. make sure to leave it on the 10 min.

I would wrap toby in towels while we waited in the bathtub so he wouldn't get cold during the 10 min waiting period.

this works so well on dogs with yeast issues. It's amazing at the difference!

Karin said...

What a great family!
My 11 yr. old Mocha has a low-functioning thyroid and the fur on his back has not grown back since he was shaved in June. The fur on his legs is coming in very spotty and dry. Would the shampoo be beneficial for him too?

claudine hellmuth said...


I really think so!!!

This is exactly what happened to Toby. he had surgery on his back and the fur never grew back. we tried acupuncture. supplements, the vet tested for Thyroid and Cushings.

his Thyroid was a little low but the Malaseb was the only thing that worked for the fur. And the saddest part was his fur was just looking super amazing right before we lost him So sad.

I would highly recommend it. it won't HURT it's just a shampoo so it's worth a shot!!!
let me know how it goes!!!

claudine hellmuth said...

PS it takes about a month - 6 weeks of 1x per week shampooing treatments to start to see results. but once the fur starts coming back it starts to fill in quickly!