Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boo Boo and Rommi/Campbell

I just wanted to let you all know that Campbell is back in rescue. His sisters (seen in an earlier blog) refused to accept him into their home and we want all the Pekes to be happy. So, he is available again and is such a sweet boy!
Here are two Peke boys who need a new home. They are with their owner, not our rescue group, but I'm trying to help her find them a new home. Boo Boo and Rommi are both 7-8 and did fine until their human brother began to get around. They didn't like him to hug them hard or get in their faces. So, their mom is trying to find them a new place to live and be safe.

This is Rommi. He gets very nervous around children, but is very sweet. He's not very active, so he would be great in a laid back home. He loves attention and has the cutest underbite. He isn't crazy about long walks, just a short, meandering walk is fine with him. He recognizes a good-night song we made up for him by the second note and goes bouncing off to his bedroom. He plays keep away by doing more bouncing than running and panting--always wearing his big smile. Rommi knows how to spell "o-u-t", "w-a-l-k" and "t-r-e-a-t."

Boo Boo is good with older kids, but not small children. He is very affections, loves to walk. He is a beautiful red color. He is about twenty pounds, so not a small Peke! (One of mine is big, too, just more to love.) He loves to snuggle and play. He rolls on his back and twists while making happy grumbly sounds when he wants to be petted. He is so smart, and recognizes all the spellings and the tune that Rommi does. The only difference is that when he hears the goodnight song he runs out of his room to try to stay up later. He has gone through two AKC training courses and has his Good Citizen title. He can sit, stay, speak, and answer the question "Who do you love?" with "Yoooouuuuu!" Boo Boo will bark at dogs on TV and loves to snuggle with his mom.

Both Pekes eat Iams small bites. They like people, but like most Pekes, they would prefer you to not be right in their face. If you would like to find out more about these two, please email me at


lady jicky said...

I am so sad to hear about Campbell. Gosh i wish you could put him on a plane to my home. I do not know why but.... he has a special place in my heart (I think he reminds me of my dear old peke Lulu who is long gone.) Moi Moi and Kenzo still have "issues" but I am going to make sure they get along - even if it kills me! LOL . I still have the fence around her kennel but they are getting along better - they have been together for 4 months - still early days!There is alot of improvement Linda!
I wish all the best to my Campbell and to little Boo Boo and Rommi who look wonderful too.
You know, I do not blame peke's who do not like people in their faces - I tell you, I am like that myself too!

Karin said...

I'm sorry the girls are being rude, but I know you'll find a special home for the boys. They sure are cuties and very talented too ~ I've got to get a bigger home:-) I agree with Malinda, there's nothing more annoying than a human in your face!

claudine hellmuth said...

I am in love with Campbell! heart melting!