Sunday, October 18, 2009

Charlie-- I Need a Home

There is another pet food recall: http://www.wysong. net/recall. php
In our rescue group, we are being asked to help more than we have foster homes for. I received several emails pleading for me to help this older Peke. He was in a kill shelter and had very limited time. He was left in his home after his owners moved away-- I don't understand how people can do that. I will never understand it.
We named him Charlie. One of our volunteers went to get him. I knew we couldn't take an older Peke-- their chances of adoption are slim-- we are such a small group with only 5-6 foster homes. But, I could NOT get this little guy out of my mind. So, I called my friend. And she got him.
She had him groomed and he had to be shaved down because of all the matting. He probably will have his left eye removed when he is neutered. It's been damaged and can't be helped. He sees shadows with the other eye. But, sweet-- oh, yes, he is sweet. He's probably 8-10 years old. His current foster mom says she took him to work with her. Then, she took him to a pet store and bought him a toy-- and he LOVED it. He squeaked it and then quietly barked at her in happiness. He is a mellow sweet boy. He spent the day with another friend of rescue because his foster mom asked her to "puppy sit" him for the day. And she loved him, too.
This little one just needs a home where he can be loved, live out his life and be safe. If you think you can help him, please let me know. If you can contribute to his eye surgery and vet costs, please email me.
He's worth it-- they all are.

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lady jicky said...

My Rosie who died this year was a 10 year old rescue.
Please, anyone who is thinking of adopting a peke - this is the one for you. It does not matter how old they are - you will be so surprised how loving they can be , regardless of age.
We Oldies need a home too.
Sending big adoption vibes to charlie!!!