Thursday, October 8, 2009

Princess Ginger is Home

This is Biskit-- he was the joy of his mom's life.
Here he is with his mom-- you can tell he was dearly loved. He passed away last month. His mom was devastated.
But, we had a sweet little girl come into rescue. Jean needed a new Peke and this Peke needed a new mom.
Jean was overjoyed to find out that we would love for Princess/now Ginger, to live with her.
Ginger had so much love to give, but in the shelter she was terrified. They thought she was a mean dog.
She wasn't a bit mean! Shelters are not places where dogs relax, and we knew this girl just needed a chance.
Jean and Shorty adore their little girl.
And Ginger adores them!
Look at that face-- home at last!


lady jicky said...

In Australia we have a popular biscuit (cookie) called a "Ginger Snap". Well, that Ginger has NO snap in her now!
Its lovely she is so happy now and so is her new Mum and Dad!!!

Deb said...

What a great story, we miss Biskit but know that Giner has a great home with Jean and Shorty.