Thursday, October 1, 2009

BENNY'S NEW HOME/ more on Scotland

Just for your information: Nutro Pet Food Voluntary Withdrawal
More on my trip to Scotland: (Benny is below)
On our trip to Scotland, we went to Alloway, where Robert Burns was born. He was the poet of Scotland. Many of you know the movie, Brigadoon. Well, the Brig O'Doon is there-- that mean Bridge Over the Doon (River). It was going to be torn down years ago, and it was saved because of the connection to Robert Burns and a poem he wrote.
It looks like the bridge in the film Brigadoon-- it's about a town that disappears into the mist and only appears every 100 years. Okay, how many of you remember this film with Gene Kelly.
This is the view from the bridge at the River Doon-- the Brig O"Doon.
Benny's New Family:
Benny was adopted. He visited his new home and immediately became friends with his new family and explored their home.
They just fell in love with him. Benny came into rescue because his family said they were moving and couldn't take him. His new family will never give him up!
His foster mom, Kim, has one more hug. We left knowing Benny would be loved and cared for-- our goal for each foster dog we have. It's always sad to leave though-- but we both knew he'd be just fine.


lady jicky said...

Oh yes , I do remember that movie Linda. Lovely photos - such a pretty place.

All my best to Benny and his new family! Lovely.

Karin said...

Welcome back, Linda!
I missed you! I'm so happy for you and your hubby to get to see so many amazing and unique sights. I have never been to Scotland. It sure looks like an interesting country with so much history and so many castles which makes you wonder how people managed to live long ago, without all the modern conveniences of today.
I'm thankful I discontinued feeding Nutro after the last scare they had, which you made people (including me)aware of on this blog. Susan Thixton's website is so informative and I recently signed up to receive her newsletter. I feed the same dogfood brand she feeds her pets. The results have been so amazing that I actually became a distributor for the company who makes it.
You can just see the love and excitement on Benny's new family's faces ~ such a special welcome for Benny :)