Friday, October 30, 2009

Gracie and Eye Surgery

Gracie was adopted last year. She is a beautiful girl! She is very loved by her mom!
She usually lays by the front door in her bed-- sometimes resting, but most of the time keeping watch over the street and the neighborhood.
Gracie scratched her cornea in her eye several weeks ago-- Pekingese are so low to the ground and it's easy for this to happen. Her mom has no idea what she did-- but she immediately took her to the vet, who referred her to the vet opthalmologist. Gracie needed immediate surgery to fix this injury. She has to wear an e-collar while she heals. Dogs usually hate these collars! Poor Gracie!
Gracie has to have eye drops and she can recognize the bottles. When she sees her mom get one she shuts that eye very tightly and looks at her with the other eye. With a bit of cajoling, she finally gets the drop in. Gracie is recovering well-- of course, this means a lot of rest. She can rest anywhere-- on a couch, on the floor......
But, "her chair" is the best place to rest!
Gracie feels better and is now back to her job as street monitor and house protector. This is a serious job and she could only take a few days of sick leave! She has sat at the door and barked as folks went by and when a friend came to visit, she flew to the door and jumped in her lap as if to say, "It's about time you came to see me."
Gracie seems to be coming right along. She got a thorough check up and she is less resistant to the drops since she feels better. The surgeon thinks once the healing is complete, Gracie should still see with her eye-- maybe not as well, but still see things. It's amazing what surgeons can do for these dogs' eyes! Her eye will look more normal as she heals. Right now, it looks much worse than it feels.
Gracie thinks that collar is a HALO thus qualifying her for the head ANGEL. That's our girl. Here's a hug, Gracie!!!

Love, "Aunt Linda"


lady jicky said...

Poor Gracie! Never mind the "cone of silence" as we call it here at our house, will be off soon!

Mary Elizabeth said...

There is something about Gracie-girls and their wanting to own their neighborhoods! :-) She deserves all the love and pampering her mom is giving her. Best wishes for good healing.

claudine hellmuth said...

yay Gracie! feeling all better.She wears that collar very fashionably!

Anonymous said...

Wishing gorgeous Gracie get well soon wishes :)

Karin said...

Gracie is a tough little peke. I'm thankful she is feeling better.