Sunday, October 4, 2009

Greyfriars Bobby

Have you heard of Greyfriars Bobby? He was from Edinburg, Scotland and I was able to see his memorial statue-- something that I did want to do.
Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier who lives in the mid 1800s. His owner's name was John Gray.
John Gray died when Greyfriars Bobby was two years old. Other people tried to get him to live with them, but he would only leave his master's grave to eat at the local restaurant that had given him treats before. Then, he would go back to lay on his master's grave.
To know of the devotion of this little Skye Terrier was amazing to me. He was given permission to live in the church yard and was given a special collar.
This is the sign at the entrance to the church yard.
Greyfriars Bobby lived until he was 16 years old, devoted to the end to his master. People still put toys and flowers on his grave in the church yard where he lived.
I am warmed by this true story and the devotion and love that Greyfriars Bobby had for his owner.
This statue is outside the church to honor his memory. I am so glad I was able to see it. I bought the children's book on his life to give to my granddaughters-- I know they will enjoy it, too.

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lady jicky said...

My first dog was a cairn terrier, we nearly got a skye but ..... If you really want a good cry Linda then try to find the Movie "Greyfriars Bobby" I have seen it a couple of times on TV when young and the other day I saw it in Target on DVD. I think your granddaughters would love the movie but its a 20 tissue job!