Wednesday, February 20, 2019


 Winter time is a great time for napping-- the shorter days, colder weather, not being as active outside (no yards to mow and too cold for long walks, at least for me!) make it time to slow down. 
 Piper says he loves to curl up on the ottoman.   I wrote last week that I thought of moving it away from the window, but I guess it will stay there awhile.
 Bellamy think he should just be held and snuggled while he naps.
 Russell loves napping--
 Snuffles likes being inside when it's cold-- but he also likes running outside.   His dad takes great photos!
 Sophie, what do you think of the cold?
 I know her mom puts warm coats on her when it's time to go out.
 Cici understands completely about napping-- in fact, writing this blog is making me tired!  Time for a nap-- (sure it is, except Sugar Bit is here, so a nap isn't going to happen.)
 Thursty has plenty of outside time with his mom and all his doggy friends.  His mom picks them up for exercise and there are tubes to run through, trees to run around... But, when he gets home with his sister, Thea, he's ready to settle down. 
And then, there's Pete and his gang.  Running in the morning chill is a great way to get ready for a morning nap.  Get rid of all that energy and then go back inside!   Find an afghan, and curl up until the afternoon run time comes.  I like the first part-- find an afghan!  What about your Pekes?

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


 I received a message from a friend.  These two were in need of help.  Their dad was in and out of the hospital and he could not longer care for them.  
 As you know, we take Pekingese into rescue.  But, if we have a pair that need help, we can make exceptions-- and we did.
 I took them to the vet, and they had their exam, bloodwork and first vaccines.  I don't do all vaccines at once, but space them out.  (I've had IMHA dogs, so I am more cautious.)
 This sweetheart is a Malti-Poo, and he was in need of shaving since he was pretty matted.   (I'm going to let him grow back out though.)
 This little man needed grooming, too, and it was beyond my capability.
 So, my vet's groomer (who I love) fit them in.   I picked them up-- and the Malti-Poo looked so different.  He has to wear sweaters because he hair was too matted and had to be shaved off.  And it's cool and damp right now, so he needs help.
 The Peke just needed a shorter cut and some areas trimmed a lot.
 They are really happy dogs.   The Malti-poo and the Peke didn't know their names, even though I was given their names.  So, I had to think-- what should we call them.   That's why I asked you for names last week.
 My daughter came over to meet them-- she is a real dog person and would adopt every dog if she could.  But, she gets to love on all my fosters.  They both loved her.
 So--- what did I name them??  The Peke is now Paddington, because he had big bear paws.
And the Malti-Poo is now Piper.   Piper and Paddington-- it kind of rolls out easily.   They both had a long day, and slept great.   I'll keep you updated on them.  They are on medical hold while we get everything done.  Stay tuned for updates.

Monday, February 18, 2019


In November of 2006, I was asked to pick up this boy from the shelter near me.  
He was about 2 years old at the time, and a happy boy.  
And his face-- oh my, that face.  He was adorable!  💙
We had a great applicant and I drove to their home about three hours away.
He was adopted and later, his sister, Buffy, was added to the family.  
Ollie was  a ham, and could be found in many places.
He was hiding from noise in this one.  Poor guy.
His mom and dad adored him.
His mom had the Christmas House-- I call it that because she has trees in every room at Christmas.   And Ollie was not exempt from decorations.  :-)
He never quite got the hang of housetraining, but h haed very decorative belly bands.
Buffy and Ollie were great friends.
Did I say he was a ham-- falling off the couch here.  
Ollie and Buffy used to take over the couch-- here they shared, but sometimes, they took over both ends.  Their dad sat on the table. lol
I have so many memories of Ollie and his adventures.  His mom was so great about keeping me up on him.  
Ollie began to have health issues last August, and despite everything, he lost the battle.   He was a wonderful boy and greatly loved.  His mom, dad and Buffy will miss him so much.  
Run free now sweet boy-- find all those who went before you and have a joyful time.  We will remember you with love.❤️


 China Doll lives in Florida with a sister, Abby (above) and two brothers, Magoo and Harry.
 Here's the crew!
 Abby, Magoo and China Doll are all hanging out together.
 Magoo and Abby have been together for awhile.
 But, China Doll has only been there about a year.  She came as a foster girl, who couldn't see or hear much.  But, she has adjusted so well. 
 Magoo said, "I'm glad you're here!"
 There is a chance that China Doll could regain some vision in one of her eyes, so her mom did a fundraiser for her.  She will have her surgery in April.  I'm sure she'll be starting the eye drops soon.  (The before drops and after-care cost extra, so part of the funds will go to that.)
We hope China Doll can have some vision.   When Matilda had cataract surgery and it worked, it was amazing to watch her see the world around her for the first time in a very long time.   We hope for the same miracle for China Doll.   (If you want to help with her care--she is not one of our fosters but deserving all the same!-- you can click on this link:   Eyesight for China Doll)

Sunday, February 17, 2019


 Welcome to rescue you two. 
 You are safe now.
More information to come!  But, it's a happy Sunday for this pair! (No questions please-- I'll post more later.)

Saturday, February 16, 2019


 In 2012, we were asked to help this sweet boy.
 We thought he was 5-8 at the time, but later, we knew he was older than.
 He was a loving boy and I wrote, "If I could keep another, I would keep him."  He was that nice.
 He went to Trish's for fostering, but she realized she would never be able to let him go and they adopted him.
 They loved him so much. 
 He was a regal little man. 
 He had health issues, and his mom never thought she would have him over six years-- but he was determined to stay with them. 
 He celebrated Christmas and other holidays.  His health declined recently and his mom knew it was time.  She could no longer keep him comfortable.  She wrote, " My heart is broken and he will take a piece of it with him when he goes but I will be with him, and will rock and hold him and whisper how much I love him and how he’s such a good good boy until he gently leaves this world in the arms of the one who loved him so very much. "
Run free now, sweet boy.   You have been greatly loved.