Friday, February 22, 2019


Bellamy came into rescue in October.  He settled in with his foster home.  He went to a new home before Christmas, but his new owner's medical diagnosis caused him to be returned.  They were broken hearted.
 So, back he came to his foster mom and dad, Sonia and Joe.  He was happy to return and see his foster brother, Chance.  Bellamy is a tiny Peke-- 9 pounds.
But, don't let that fool you-- this is one fast boy.  He's tiny but mighty.  He is also very sweet, not a mean bone in his body.
 He went to a new home, but the fence wasn't secure and he ran like lightning.   His owner made all kinds of adjustments to the fence, but somehow he could get out, or escape out of his harness.  (A new harness has fixed that.)   He must think he's a greyhound.
 He came back to his foster home last week.
 He was so happy to see his foster mom.
 He loves being snuggled next to his foster brother, Chance.  He is also there with Ammo, another foster, and they really enjoy each other.
Bellamy is up for adoption again-- and we will diligently check fences, and make sure it is the right home.  We do all this, but he's smart.   He shouldn't be in a home without secure doors-- he's fine with kids, but kids also open doors, and Bellamy would figure that out quickly.   If you are interested in him, let us know.   We will accept new applications for him.


Lost Earring said...

We have a fast escape artist too so we doubled the fencing inspections making sure there were no gaps or spaces that could be used to get out of the back yard. We also installed gates on the front porch in the event Mercer Meyer escaped out the front door and tried to leave the front porch.

Mercer Meyer is a Pom/Peke mix and is ultra-curious about what's going on outside the safety of the porch or fenced yard.

dissertator09 said...

Teddy was a Houdini. He could get out of anyplace -- anything. We ultimately prevailed in the test of wills, but he was very creative. But you are so right: pet owners have to be extraordinarily careful. Perhaps almost all dogs escape once or twice, but this should be a truly rare occasion.

LadyJicky said...

What a beautiful gold boy he is Linda ..... I am doing my Adoption Dance behind a fence for sweet Bellamy !!!