Monday, February 11, 2019


 Junior came into rescue last September from a Virginia shelter.   He was turned in by his owner because they didn't want to deal with his eye issues.   He was adopted and then returned.  He needed help.  Dale and Ida were up for the rescue.
 There was a family at the shelter who really wanted him-- their little girl wanted a Peke.  But, it's good that he didn't go to a family with children.   He needed an adult home.  (Some Pekes are wonderful with kids who know how to treat them.)
 Junior had some trouble at first because he can't see well.   He had to get eye drops and if he was startled, he could be reactive. 
 He was a beautiful old boy and he just needed time to settle in.
 And he did settle in!
 He has a funny habit of finding the smallest dog bed and trying to fit in.  He has two Peke sisters who are smaller than he is, and this is one of their beds-- well, it used to be!   Did I mention that his foster mom decided to adopt him?   He'd been through enough and at 14 years old, he just needed to stay.  (She and I both love the older, needier ones.)
 Sunny wondered WHY Junior was in her bed.
 Dale and Sunny went off on a trip together-- girls' week-end!
But, Junior was just fine at home with his other sister and his dad.  He's so glad he has a forever home!


LadyJicky said...

I am just so happy for Junior .... what a lovely home he has now to live his life out in comfort and love.

I have to say .... the bed .... he looks like a Chinese Dumpling in that small round bed!LOL

Lost Earring said...

We have two small beds plus the larger dog beds and two of our Pekes always opt for the little beds and nap with their heads hanging over the edge of the bed.