Tuesday, February 19, 2019


 I received a message from a friend.  These two were in need of help.  Their dad was in and out of the hospital and he could not longer care for them.  
 As you know, we take Pekingese into rescue.  But, if we have a pair that need help, we can make exceptions-- and we did.
 I took them to the vet, and they had their exam, bloodwork and first vaccines.  I don't do all vaccines at once, but space them out.  (I've had IMHA dogs, so I am more cautious.)
 This sweetheart is a Malti-Poo, and he was in need of shaving since he was pretty matted.   (I'm going to let him grow back out though.)
 This little man needed grooming, too, and it was beyond my capability.
 So, my vet's groomer (who I love) fit them in.   I picked them up-- and the Malti-Poo looked so different.  He has to wear sweaters because he hair was too matted and had to be shaved off.  And it's cool and damp right now, so he needs help.
 The Peke just needed a shorter cut and some areas trimmed a lot.
 They are really happy dogs.   The Malti-poo and the Peke didn't know their names, even though I was given their names.  So, I had to think-- what should we call them.   That's why I asked you for names last week.
 My daughter came over to meet them-- she is a real dog person and would adopt every dog if she could.  But, she gets to love on all my fosters.  They both loved her.
 So--- what did I name them??  The Peke is now Paddington, because he had big bear paws.
And the Malti-Poo is now Piper.   Piper and Paddington-- it kind of rolls out easily.   They both had a long day, and slept great.   I'll keep you updated on them.  They are on medical hold while we get everything done.  Stay tuned for updates.


Chris said...

They are precious, and so lucky to have been sent your way. Thank you for taking care of their health needs and emotional support. That close up pic of Paddington is adorable!

lady jicky said...

I think your rescue is wonderful the way you will take in other dogs .... especially if they are bonded to each other !!!!

Love them both and I am doing the Adoption Dance Linda !!!! LOL