Wednesday, February 20, 2019


 Winter time is a great time for napping-- the shorter days, colder weather, not being as active outside (no yards to mow and too cold for long walks, at least for me!) make it time to slow down. 
 Piper says he loves to curl up on the ottoman.   I wrote last week that I thought of moving it away from the window, but I guess it will stay there awhile.
 Bellamy think he should just be held and snuggled while he naps.
 Russell loves napping--
 Snuffles likes being inside when it's cold-- but he also likes running outside.   His dad takes great photos!
 Sophie, what do you think of the cold?
 I know her mom puts warm coats on her when it's time to go out.
 Cici understands completely about napping-- in fact, writing this blog is making me tired!  Time for a nap-- (sure it is, except Sugar Bit is here, so a nap isn't going to happen.)
 Thursty has plenty of outside time with his mom and all his doggy friends.  His mom picks them up for exercise and there are tubes to run through, trees to run around... But, when he gets home with his sister, Thea, he's ready to settle down. 
And then, there's Pete and his gang.  Running in the morning chill is a great way to get ready for a morning nap.  Get rid of all that energy and then go back inside!   Find an afghan, and curl up until the afternoon run time comes.  I like the first part-- find an afghan!  What about your Pekes?

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LadyJicky said...

Napping is nice when its cold outside but its sort of warm here! LOL