Monday, February 25, 2019


 Cami-Bear was a beautiful boy that I rescued from a shelter near me in 2013.  He was about 6-7 at the time.
 His mom stayed in touch with me, and asked, "If anything happens to me, will you take Cami-Bear back?"  We will do that for our PVPC alumni/adopted dogs.   I never thought I would be needed.
 She let her best friend know to contact me in an emergency, but I never expected to be notified. (She also left information at her vet with my number on it.)  I found out that my friend had died and the police found her in her home.  Cami-Bear was near by.  Animal control was called, because legally they cannot leave a pet in a home if no one is there.   He was taken to the shelter.    I imagine he was stunned and saddened and confused.  We hope to get him today.   But, I thought, "could this be avoided?"
 I called animal control, but on Sunday, no one was able to answer my question.   So, here's my advice for now. 
l.  Put a card on the inside of your door with emergency contact information.  State clearly who to call to come take your pets.
2.  Put each pet's name, their vet and phone number and any medications they need.  This is critical for a dog who needs heart or seizure medication.   (You can also state where these medicines can be found.)
3.   My friend had sent me an email in September of last year, giving me her vet's name, her brother's name, and Cami's medications.   So, I found it and know what he needs and I can call his vet to have records transferred to us.
Her friend was amazing and contacted us immediately, so that we could help.  I'm so glad she did.
This is an extremely sad situation, and probably not that common-- or maybe it is.   I wonder if a note had been on the door, if a friend could have been called to get Cami-Bear instead of him being taken to a shelter.   He is not up for adoption-- he is there for safety until he can be picked up.  And to be on the safe side, I have already called and left my information with the shelter so they know he will be picked up.   If I find out more ways to keep your pet safe in this situation, I'll be adding more information.  But, for now, put an note on your door with the information above.  Let's keep our pets safe. 


LadyJicky said...

Oh this is just so very, very sad but I am so happy you have Cami-Bear when the legalities are all figured out and you can go and get him.

What a beautiful boy Linda and he must have been so shocked and confused.

Lost Earring said...

This is so sad, losing a friend and a friend who clearly very much loved her Peke baby and wanted to make sure Cami Bear was taken care of if something happened.

The card idea is a great one especially if someone lives alone. I'm so glad she thought ahead and had alerted you last year plus her friend notifying you.

My heart aches for that little Peke baby not being able to wake Mommy up and then all of the confusion in the aftermath. Thank God she's in safe and loving hands again.

Arthur said...

That is a very good idea..I will pass the info along.