Saturday, February 16, 2019


 In 2012, we were asked to help this sweet boy.
 We thought he was 5-8 at the time, but later, we knew he was older than.
 He was a loving boy and I wrote, "If I could keep another, I would keep him."  He was that nice.
 He went to Trish's for fostering, but she realized she would never be able to let him go and they adopted him.
 They loved him so much. 
 He was a regal little man. 
 He had health issues, and his mom never thought she would have him over six years-- but he was determined to stay with them. 
 He celebrated Christmas and other holidays.  His health declined recently and his mom knew it was time.  She could no longer keep him comfortable.  She wrote, " My heart is broken and he will take a piece of it with him when he goes but I will be with him, and will rock and hold him and whisper how much I love him and how he’s such a good good boy until he gently leaves this world in the arms of the one who loved him so very much. "
Run free now, sweet boy.   You have been greatly loved. 


LadyJicky said...

Warm hugs to Trish ..... oh Yoda was such a beautiful boy and I know you will miss him so much.

Lost Earring said...

Goodbye sweet Yoda. You were loved so much and gave so much comfort.