Monday, February 18, 2019


In November of 2006, I was asked to pick up this boy from the shelter near me.  
He was about 2 years old at the time, and a happy boy.  
And his face-- oh my, that face.  He was adorable!  💙
We had a great applicant and I drove to their home about three hours away.
He was adopted and later, his sister, Buffy, was added to the family.  
Ollie was  a ham, and could be found in many places.
He was hiding from noise in this one.  Poor guy.
His mom and dad adored him.
His mom had the Christmas House-- I call it that because she has trees in every room at Christmas.   And Ollie was not exempt from decorations.  :-)
He never quite got the hang of housetraining, but h haed very decorative belly bands.
Buffy and Ollie were great friends.
Did I say he was a ham-- falling off the couch here.  
Ollie and Buffy used to take over the couch-- here they shared, but sometimes, they took over both ends.  Their dad sat on the table. lol
I have so many memories of Ollie and his adventures.  His mom was so great about keeping me up on him.  
Ollie began to have health issues last August, and despite everything, he lost the battle.   He was a wonderful boy and greatly loved.  His mom, dad and Buffy will miss him so much.  
Run free now sweet boy-- find all those who went before you and have a joyful time.  We will remember you with love.❤️


Patsy Johnson said...

So sorry for the loss of Ollie. I have always loved Pekes and have had several. Many of them looked so much like Ollie. I prefer to think that we will be reunited with our furry friends someday! God Bless you at this time of your loss! Pat Johnson

LadyJicky said...

Yes Linda..... what a beautiful face !!!

I am so sad for his family and I know they will really miss him so.

Love that Christmas hat photo !