Monday, February 18, 2019


 China Doll lives in Florida with a sister, Abby (above) and two brothers, Magoo and Harry.
 Here's the crew!
 Abby, Magoo and China Doll are all hanging out together.
 Magoo and Abby have been together for awhile.
 But, China Doll has only been there about a year.  She came as a foster girl, who couldn't see or hear much.  But, she has adjusted so well. 
 Magoo said, "I'm glad you're here!"
 There is a chance that China Doll could regain some vision in one of her eyes, so her mom did a fundraiser for her.  She will have her surgery in April.  I'm sure she'll be starting the eye drops soon.  (The before drops and after-care cost extra, so part of the funds will go to that.)
We hope China Doll can have some vision.   When Matilda had cataract surgery and it worked, it was amazing to watch her see the world around her for the first time in a very long time.   We hope for the same miracle for China Doll.   (If you want to help with her care--she is not one of our fosters but deserving all the same!-- you can click on this link:   Eyesight for China Doll)


LadyJicky said...

That is such a lovely name .... China Doll !

Lost Earring said...

This is one of the great stories in our Pekingese World and I hope the surgery works for China Doll so she can have some sight back.

Since sharing China Doll's story on other Peke boards, I have heard from so many Peke folks who have their Pekes with only one eye (I have one), so many have shared their own stories and one lady in particular who has two blind Pekes and one with only one eye. It's sad to see so many Pekes with damaged eyes but a chance remains for China Doll and Margery could sure use some good news about now.

Because of the experience of other Peke owners I am ever vigilant of my Queen Willow and her one good eye plus watching for any problem with her blind eye which is still there. The rescue group cautioned me to watch for any sign of infection in that eye as well.