Thursday, February 21, 2019


 Yesterday was Love Your Dog Day-- did I know that?  Nope.  I was too busy taking care of all the dogs and Bits here.  LOL   Tinsley, above, know it's love your dog day EVERYDAY.  His mom adores him.  (PVPC alumni)
 Andy/Mr. Rooney and Harrison love their wagon rides when it's nice.
But, posing for pictures makes every day special. (both PVPC alumni)
 Doolin and Gizzy (PVPC alumni) love every day with their family.  Park Days are great!
 Bennett and Allie are both PVPC alumni-- just beautiful Pekes. I want to kiss their faces.
 Lola came to us in July 2017.  She was only two years old and was being hit because she had accidents.   She has some challenges, but she has the best parents in the world who are loving her to wholeness. 
 Lucy Lu came to us last year-- she is a beautiful Peke and lives a life of ease with her new mom.
Why didn't I post a Love Your Dog blog yesterday?  Here's part of the reason-- dogs all over.  My daughter's baby sitter was over, too.  She LOVES all the dogs and is a great dog owner to her own dog, Dunkin.  Piper and Paddington love her and are so excited every time she comes.
And the Bits-- oh, yes, the Bits.   I do get a little behind on doing blogs in a timely manner.  But, our house is fun and happy and BUSY and I love it.   So, the Love Your Dog Day blog is just a little late. 💜


lady jicky said...

I did not know it was "Love your Dog Day" .

Yum Yum will get an extra treat right now !

Lost Earring said...

Late or not, this is a great message for we humans.

I love seeing so many rescues who have gone to great homes with understanding adopters or fosters.

Believe it or not, hugging your Fur Babies is rewarding in two ways.

1) Your Fur Baby will love it.

2) You will notice an uptick in your own mood when you hand out those attentions and hugs.