Saturday, October 31, 2020


There are so many cute Halloween pictures on Facebook.    This is an advertisement.  I don’t know who it’s from but it’s cute. 

The Bits (grandkids) at our house carved pumpkins.  
And Paddington was so confused. Piper is looking out the window. 
What had invaded our house!? 
Callie and Barty had to check it out. We had some scary steps! 
We hope you have a happy Halloween! 

Friday, October 30, 2020


The Potomac Six are doing well. 
Katie and Sheri are doing well. 
Bogie is at my house temporarily.  The other three are still at the vet for surgery.  Some may be done today.  Otherwise, I’ll get them for the weekend.  

 Bogie is helping w virtual school today. He is so happy.  His tail wags like a helicopter.   🥰. Stay tuned for more! 

Thursday, October 29, 2020



Crosby was adopted from us.   This week has been tough, so I went and just looked at Crosby's pictures and it brought a smile to my face.  
He has a special bed and ...
he loves it.   I have two of these beds and they are definitely favorites here.   
He is a tremendously loved dog.   What kind of bowl is that??  His mom will let me know.
His mom keeps buying him toys because...
He doesn't have enough.  That must be because he hides them everywhere and then his mom buys more.  LOL
Crosby, thank you.  You made me smile this week!  💓

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


We found out there were Pekes in a North Carolina shelter whose owner had passed away suddenly.
We were able to help six of them (another rescue was also involved) and some went with family members.
Their owner had been overwhelmed and the dogs needed help.   
We think the ones we got are from ages 4-8 or 9.   
We loaded them up into five crates.  Somehow, the side door of one jiggled open and Licorice came to try to join us in the front.   💗
"Are you going to help me?"  You bet we are
They weren't sure what was going on, but they were friendly.
Going to a shelter is hard on the emotions.   You want to take them all, but you can't.    We took all the Pekes we could.  
We DID get six and their lives are going to have medical care and lots of love.  
They waited for their turn to be loaded them in.
Her little paw came up to the front.   
Once they were all in, we were ready to go.
These two are bonded, and a cute Peke mix.  
I'm so glad we had them, right when this rescue happened, because the little one needed emergency surgery.  She would have died within days if she hadn't had it yesterday.
We got to the vet and they were waiting for us!   (I LOVE my vet.)    This one reminds me of my Chumley.  💙
This is Licorice, ready to be helped.    
A groomer came in on her day off to help get them all cleaned up and trimmed.  THANK YOU, HEATHER!!    This is Katie, who is bonded with Sheri.  I didn't get her picture because she was in ICU getting fluids, preparing her for surgery.  Pyometra can kill a dog so fast-- that's why we always spay our foster dogs -- and our own.
This is Sissy-- she's graying, but she's not that old.
Licorice was giving the groomer kisses, thanking her for taking such good care of him.
Little Bogie was wagging his tail and giving kisses.     His is brown with a white saddle, and he reminds me of Chumley is his coloring and personality.  I wonder if he likes dumbbell toys. :-)
This is Blondee.   She is heartworm positive and will stay in my area in a foster home to have her treatment.   Some of the others have bladder infections, ear infections.... We are taking care of it all because of our great support friends.   We couldn't do it without you.   Stay tuned for updates.   They are all in my vet for medical care, but will be moving to foster homes soon.   They have their own private area at the vet and are receiving extraordinary care.   Thank you, Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Yesterday was a long rescue day.  
I had hoped to rescue ten dogs but was only able to get six.   I’d love to help the others, but a family member was getting them.  They all need medical care. I’m thankful for the ones I was able to save.   (No negative comments please.  People all do the best they can in difficult situations.). 
One I rescued is having emergency surgery.   She was being stabilized all night.  She has pyrometra.  This is a fatal condition is surgery is not done.   I’ll write more later about the rescue. 

After a long day, I was tired.  But, Zoey was sick last night so I was up and down a her a lot.  Yep, I’m tired today.  Virtual schools is about to start but we will get through the day.   I’ll post more soon on the rescue.  


Monday, October 26, 2020


Granger cane to visit but he didn’t want to stay.  I don’t know why. Our house is so quiet and calm — NOT. Actuslly, I’ve gotten used to the new pace w have here.  Kids. Dogs. Voices. Laughter. Love. Joy.  
At night, the Bits and I climb into bed and read stories and then, I have quiet reading time.  My time.  Of course Zoey is close by.  She’s allowed there until lights are turned off.  Then, she goes to her crib. 
But, the dogs were taking over last night. Callie Hound was up there, too. 😳. Wait a minute. 
You can see Zoey’s crib— I can reach my hand in if she needs me   But, she usually settles right down and goes to sleep.  
Barty though he was incognito under the bed. Nope. I see you. 

Sugar Bit sometimes wants to be close so she has a bed there, too. It’s a full house. We love it. 
Today, I will go to a shelter to pick up dogs whose owner died. I have several cars going and lots of crates.  Pray that all goes well and that we can help each one and start them on a new journey.   More coming in this trip.   Thank you for all the love you give our rescue. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Quiet for Chumley 💙

I’ve been sitting on the porch, thankful for chumley’s time w us.  My fall decorations are up, but I left my HOPE sign up, even though it doesn’t match.  It’s my sign that in the midst of hard things, Hope is always there   

 My Chumley is gone. There’s a difference here.  But, I’m thankful for him.   I’ll do a blog for him later.  My boy. ❤️💙