Saturday, May 25, 2019


 Petey's journey continued this week.  He had been with me awhile and did so well.
 Mizmo said, "Where did he go?"
 The gang welcomed Monk and Nippy, Georgia's Pekes (Petey's foster mom).
 Monk and Paddington were checking out each other.
 Petey was just hanging out.
 Monk was strolling on the old Pekingese Pathway.   How many Pekes (and Bits) have used that walkway.
 What a cutie!
 Nippy checked out the dog scents in the yard.
 Mizmo wondered who all the dogs were.
 "Don't worry-- I'm friendly!"
 More join Mizmo on the porch steps.
 How many Pekes can fit on one landing.
 What did they see?  I have no idea!
 Petey arrived back at his original foster home.
 He's doing just fine-- and he went on a walk, in his own stroller.
Georgia is going to check on getting him a front wheel cart to see if that helps him.  For now, he's doing just fine, with Monk and Nippy to show him the way.   ❤️

Friday, May 24, 2019


Mr. Petey came to me last month, and settled right in. 
He has a very bad front leg, but he gets around, and if excited, he even runs!
He relaxed and was happy.
He got a new harness (thank you Joy) and fancy belly bands.  We think he must have lived outside, because he isn't house trained, but he made improvement. 
Minnie followed him around yesterday.  Did she know he was getting ready to leave and return to his foster home in Fairfax, VA?
He has the sweetest face. 
He can look at you and your heart melts.
He wasn't crazy about all the dogs here, but he did okay.  If he needed a time out, he went to his playpen. 
He learned to trust after probably not trusting people for a long time. 
 His hair is growing back, after over a pound of hair was shaved off, but he is so cute, hair or not.  I have so many dogs here that I needed to just not have so many-- Petey will have less dogs and probably a calmer environment that here at Camp Runamuck.
I'll miss his sweet face and his wagging tail.   But, his foster mom will keep me updated.  I love this little man. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019


 My sweet friend, Tara, lost her best friend, her partner, and her love last week.
 She and David had known each other for a long time and they were bonded in so many ways.
 They both adored their dogs.
 Crosby was the most recent one they adopted from us.
 They also adopted Triple-- who was one of our very special ones.  Triple had cancer and lost one of his legs while he was in rescue.  They got Triple a wheelchair and they posted a video of him on his first venture-- it was wonderful to see Triple moving fast and to hear David and Tara laughing.
 David was often on the floor with them.
 They enjoyed singing along with him.
 Or just laying there getting tummy rubs.
 Or maybe just vegging on the couch together.
 David was a true dog person.
 The dogs even allowed him a small part of the bed.  Funny how they can just take it over.
 The three dogs-- Maggie, Triple and Crosby were all loved and cared for.
 They had everything they needed.
 Tara's David became very sick last month.   He went through many surgeries and fought hard, but he could not overcome all the issues.  He passed away on May 14, 2019.   (He was born January 4, 1971.)   Tara said the last smile he gave was when he saw Triple-- he loved him so much. 
 Tara told me so much about him and I wanted to honor him for her.  She posted, "It was one of those love stories that people will talk about for years to come."   Their was a love story.
 We are with you, Tara, as you walk this new journey.   You and Maggie, and Triple and Crosby are in our hearts.
Remember that Dave LIVED.  And he had joy.
And he loved you.   ❤️

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


 Puccini came into rescue in January of last year. He was abandoned at a groomer by his family and was lucky to end up in rescue. He was a dental emergency and had to have a two part dental. But he came through so well. He has the sweetest temperament.   And the sweetest smile.

 His family had to go out of town and since he lives close to me, he came to visit Camp Runamuck.
Piper and Paddington are so interested in him.  Puccini is a little confused but Paddington decided Puccini needed some company.  Don’t worry Puccini. Your family will be home soon and you will have a lot of fun this week. 💙

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


 This Peke blog isn't about Pekes at all today.  But, it's okay because it's a day to celebrate!
 I drove to Kentucky 16 years ago today to welcome my first granddaughter into the world.   And I drove there every month while they lived there so that she would know me.   (I'm so glad they now live an hour away in Virginia.)
 And on the way there, I received a phone call asking if I would foster my first foster dog.   (So, I know exactly how long I've been in rescue haha.  When I came back from Kentucky, I got Cosmo, and the rescue adventure began.)
 Morgan was blond, and beautiful and happy and loving.  (here with Poppy, my husband)
 She was a joyful spirit to be around.
 She rode scooters through the house and that was fine with us. 
 Now, she is 16 and on her phone and on the computer and with friends and with her dogs... like every other teenager.   Here she is with GiGi-- Granger was off somewhere.
 But, she isn't like "every other teenager" in so many ways.  She loves her family-- and her cousins, like Sugar Bit.
 She loves being with her mom, and having conversations.  She is kind to everyone.  She lives her faith and it's so evident in her life.
She adores her younger sister and little brother-- and he adores her.  She is his biggest fan.  
 She is beautiful and talented and incredibly intelligent.   And she can be a little ditzy which makes her so much fun!
Happy Birthday to my beautiful granddaughter.  She used to be "Lil Bit"-- all the Bits have Bit names, but now we call her Sweet Girl.   And it fits.  I love you!!   Happy Birthday!