Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I told you that Starlight got a vent caught in her teeth and she pulled the vent up and it hit her eye.....
She cut her eye and lower eye lid.  
We went to our regular vet three times, and then she sent us to Animal Eye Care.   Off we went!
Starlight charmed them all-- she was actually amazingly good.   (Today, she tried to bite a vet haha.)
I have SO many eye meds from Kai Kai, and so I took the whole bag with me.
Some of her meds were changed, and antibiotics were added.
Did Starlight take it all in stride?   Well.......
She started to react to the antibiotics-- they were hard on her tummy.   We stopped them and back to the vet we went.   She got fluids (she was getting sick, not eating ...), a shot for her nausea and a shot for antibiotics.   
 They definitely helped her and she even ate some later.  She had to have a bath to get rid of all the crud, but she does feel better.
 She loved the grilled chicken and rice.  YUM.
All fluffy again and feeling better!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


 I have known Jeanne for almost 9 years-- she applied to foster for us and we became "unlikely friends."   (She wasn't too sure of me at first, haha.)
 Jeanne has a tremendous heart for rescue, and has been instrumental in saving so many.  
 Albert is one she saved.  He sent her this message:  "Dear Miss Jeanne, I was once all alone in the world, scared, hurting and hungry. You took me in and loved me, made sure I got medical care and today, because of you, I have a furever home and a family who loves me so much. We are praying for you and sending you all our love, sincerely, Albert"
 Oscar and his mom are praying for you!
 One of Jeanne's favorite little men (my grandson, Drill Bit) loves Jeanne and I know his family is praying, too.
 Digger/now Granger was another Jeanne rescued and he now lives with my daughter and her family.
 I know Jeanne's pack misses her so much.  
 I know once she is home, they will be there to encourage her.
 Peggy thanks Jeanne for saving her and finding her a new home.
 Sadie and Evie are still waiting for their forever home-- and Jeanne was instrumental in helping them get to safety in rescue.
Waddles says, "Hurry up and get well!"   Jeanne was diagnosed with lung cancer yesterday and is in the hospital for tests and biopsies.   We are all praying for Jeanne-- we hope she knows how many care for her and are standing by her.   She is the heart of our rescue.

Monday, August 29, 2016


 I was doing yardwork on Saturday.    Mowing, edging, spreading 3 yards of mulch.   (That's about half of a dump truck.)   Kai Kai and Floyd were checking out what we had done.
 Floyd had to taste the mulch.   We specifically told the nursery that because we had children and dogs here, the mulch had to be non-toxic.   I still would rather he left it alone.
 I was working and stepped on a dead lower branch of a plant.    I've done this before and they snap off.   Nothing unusual.   This time, though, it's snapped fast and my foot bent sideways FAST.   Dang it.
 I didn't stop, just kept going.   It's didn't hurt and I figured I'd ice it later.   By the time I came in, and cleaned up, my foot was swollen and turning colors.   Bummer.   (My ankle was fine.)
 Starlight felt so badly for me-- can you tell.
 Max was very concerned.   The good thing about having Pekingese-- you learn all kinds of balance tricks.   Floyd, especially, is my silent stalker!   He can be under my feet or behind me without any notice at all.   I have learned to catch myself fast.   I stepped on one of Chumley's toys and stopped immediately so I didn't hurt my foot again.  
 Sugar Bit thought the ice bag was something to eat.  She kept sampling it-- and saying "Yum!"
 She could tell it was cold, and kept trying to taste it.
 "Where's the flavor??"
 At least, I was almost done when I hurt myself.   The play area is now "padded."    Now to plant grass seed in the outer part of the yard.  (I can't keep grass there-- the rain keeps washing it away-- any suggestions??  It's a very shady area.)
 And it's all ready for wagon rides down the hill.    (It's a short hill.)
Kai Kai stayed by my side while I was icing my foot.   It's better and just multi-colored now.   Nothing broken, and I am getting around fine.  I thought yard work was safe!  

Sunday, August 28, 2016


 Cupcake and Gizmo (above) came into rescue over 6 years ago.
 They were one year old and their owner could no longer care for them, so she contacted us.    They were vetted and we hoped to keep them together.   Sometimes we can-- and lucky for us and Cupcake and Gizmo, we had a wonderful application for both of them.
Their owner just emailed me and sent me an update.   They are both doing great. Gizmo is still very attached to his sister and they are both adored by their family!   I love getting updates!   It just makes my day!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


 Lacy came into rescue in January, 2010-- over 6 1/2 years ago.   Doesn't seem that long.
 She was pretty sick, just over 8 pounds, and missing a lot of hair.
 She had to wear a sweater most of the time, but she didn't mind at all.
 She was adopted by a wonderful couple and became a member of their family.
 While she was visiting my house, I loved how big her beautiful eyes were.    She was such a sweet girl.
 Lacy was anywhere from 3-6 when she came into rescue.  The shelter said she was 3, but we just never know.   Lacy has had some health issues, and has been getting a lot of vet care.  Her mom also took her to a chiropractor/massage therapist and acupuncturist for dogs.  
 Lacy is so smart and she sent me an email!  Here it is:

Hi Miss Linda,
This is Lacybeans. Guess what?? I have been having some issues that happens when we get older 🐶 I have a resistant UTI and also have been having real problems walking.
My hearing isn't so great either( except I can hear the treat bag). So today my mom put me in her new little car that I hadn't gotten to ride in yet...winks did and I wasn't happy about that oops off subject..anyway we went over the bay bridge to the vet I went. I got to see a really nice lady that is going to try and help me walk better. She is a chiropractor, massage therapist and an acupuncturist for dogs and cats. She worked me over this morning and work me she did. I got should have heard my leg do a little crack. Mom cringed. I didn't I was a big girl.  She gave mom exercises to do on me before I go back Next week, but this time  I will have acupuncture..not real sure if I will like the needles ewwww, but if it helps me to walk better and not get these icky UTI I will be really happy.
 Guess what's a secret but I heard my mom and dad talking and my big sister is coming home for a visit from this place called Switzerland...and she is bringing something called a Grandbaby. Hope it's something that I can play with :) They can't wait. The house is all a buzz getting cleaned and furniture moving all over the place. It's hard work keeping track of them.
Here are some pics mom took today so you can see what a good girl I was. :)
And ewww tomorrow is bath day...just stating for the record...YUCK!

Big hugs hope to see you soon...
Love Lacy
I'm so glad Lacy has such a loving home!   We hope this for every Peke we take in!

Friday, August 26, 2016


 Bradley came into rescue with his brother, Bentley.   I met Bradley at the vet when his foster mom took him in.
 The little guy wasn't feeling to well.   He had a tummy upset.
 He was in the right place to get help!    I love Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach.
 He has a pink collar on-- we need to fix that!    I have extras at my house, so we'll fit him out with something more masculine with a matching harness and leash.  
 He has some xrays and a check up.    We think he's much younger than we first thought.   Maybe five?   He seems very young.
 Oh, he is so regal looking!   He will fill out and his coat will be so much better with the good nutrition he is getting now.   A lot of people feed cheap food to their dogs-- but it has the nutrition of cardboard.   Buy a good brand for your pups.
 He got some meds for his stomach, a B12 shot (those are great!), and some probiotic (we use Forti-Flora).  
 You'll feel better soon!
 He was so sweet, let me hold him, and love on him.   But, then he was back with Paula.  
 By the next day, he was definitely on the mend!    He was curled up next to Paula.
 And he felt like playing some, and feeling happy.     He needs to gain a little weight, but we can do that!   He is about 13 pounds, and a great little guy.   If you are interested in him, just go to our web site and fill out an application.   Click here: Home - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club