Wednesday, August 24, 2016


 My friend Elizabeth, adopted a Peke several years ago.   He didn't have much of a chance, and they gave him one.   A lot of Pekes do not do well in shelters, which it is so hard to just what their personality is while they are in a shelter.
 He looks so much like my Max, who just turned 13.
 This is my Max, recently.  He has a lot of gray on him now.  
 He used to have a black mask, but age has set in.  
 You can tell Max and Shark apart-- my Max just has one eye.   That's how he came to me, no idea what happened.  
 Max' favorite spot is the ottoman in front of the window.
 Max just moved to a new house and the master bedroom is on the main floor, so he doesn't have to do stairs anymore.  That's a good thing for Pekes!    He loves to be on little beds and air conditioning vents.   (Don't do what Starlight did and pull the vent up with your teeth, Shark!)
 He has been traveling with his mom and dad, since they were buying another house and he is used to hotel rooms.   But, he'll be glad to just settle in his new home.   He likes it there!
 This side shot of him looks SO much like my Max!   It's amazing.  
 Both dogs are so regal looking-- even with one eye for my Max.    They both have beautiful hair and long fluffy tails.
I wonder if they were twins-- maybe they just got separated.  Oh wait.  Max is older-- but they still look like brothers to me!  What do you think?

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LadyJicky said...

Shark and Max maybe related Linda - one never knows.