Friday, August 5, 2016


 It's time for photo submissions for next year's calendar for our rescue group!!    Floyd says he will model for it!   The deadline for photo submission is September 1, so don't wait!
 Kai Kai is a little stunner-- Maybe he should pose.
Joyful says, "ME!"  

Here is the information for submitting your pictures:
Please read the guidelines below for deadlines and submission information.
Questions? Please email us at
Deadline for photo submission: September 1, 2016. We must have photos submitted by this date to have the calendar designed and printed for the holidays and New Year.
What to send: We need high quality images for printing, 8 x 11” and 300 dpi. Lower quality images will not print well.
Please attach your full size photo file to the email, and select “Actual Size” if a menu prompt is offered. Please include your Peke’s name/s in the email, and any other important information.
Where to send: Send all images and info to Please send all questions to this email too. We are happy to help with images or any questions you may have about photos, ads, month requests etc.
Fee for photos: Paypal or check., once your photos have been approved

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Camera - action !!!! LOL