Thursday, August 4, 2016


Joyful was having some health problems this past week.  Her digestive system was messed up and she didn't feel well.
 So, off to the vet she went.    She was a little dehydrated, but she reacts to any type of treatment.   She went into cardiac arrest another time at the vet when blood was being drawn.
 So, we discussed it and thought she would do better if she was in the room with her foster mom.
 She was SO BRAVE....
 and SO GOOD!
 Her foster mom, Sherry, bribed her with some treats.   YUM.
 I was so proud of her!   And I know Sherry was, too.
 Joyful loved all the petting and she even ran around the exam room a little bit.  WOW.
 Joyful's system has settled down, and she feels better.   Another crises averted....
She is such a little dollbaby!


LadyJicky said...

Linda .....Joyful and Sherry were meant to be together too !

The two are so brave and wonderful !!!

Kisses to you both from Australia :)

Lost Earring said...

Oh how I love little Joyful Grace. A miracle baby if ever I saw one.

Unknown said...

I love her. She is so brave. Jo is a great Mom to her. I can't thank her enough. Joy is a special baby.