Monday, August 8, 2016


Koala came into rescue in July-- he was snatched up quickly!!   I can see why.   Just look at that sweet face.
 We had some previous adopters-- and they were ready for new Pekes to join their home after their others had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  
 Franklin came into rescue in NC.   He had been a stud dog and had not been allowed in the house.
  He learned quickly though, that it was fine to come inside.    Watching the other dogs in his foster home showed him that it was safe and encouraged to come inside.  He is young, only about 2, so he has many years to be a loved boy.
 Koala was adopted first, and was renamed Walter/Wally.   He is trying to sit up pretty and beg like a groundhog.   Did it work?
 I am sorry, but I can't help you from my house?   I'm sure you'll learn methods for getting a tidbit.   Keep trying!
 Awe, laps and loving are great.   I know you have worked yourself into their hearts.
 The week after Koala/Walter was adopted, Franklin joined the family.   He came so far, so fast in his foster home!    And now, he will have a big brother of his own.
Happy Boys!!  Franklin and Walter-- you hit the jackpot!   I can't wait to come meet you both!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh they are Happy Boys and very sweet. I am so glad they have a wonderful life now :)