Friday, August 26, 2016


 Bradley came into rescue with his brother, Bentley.   I met Bradley at the vet when his foster mom took him in.
 The little guy wasn't feeling to well.   He had a tummy upset.
 He was in the right place to get help!    I love Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach.
 He has a pink collar on-- we need to fix that!    I have extras at my house, so we'll fit him out with something more masculine with a matching harness and leash.  
 He has some xrays and a check up.    We think he's much younger than we first thought.   Maybe five?   He seems very young.
 Oh, he is so regal looking!   He will fill out and his coat will be so much better with the good nutrition he is getting now.   A lot of people feed cheap food to their dogs-- but it has the nutrition of cardboard.   Buy a good brand for your pups.
 He got some meds for his stomach, a B12 shot (those are great!), and some probiotic (we use Forti-Flora).  
 You'll feel better soon!
 He was so sweet, let me hold him, and love on him.   But, then he was back with Paula.  
 By the next day, he was definitely on the mend!    He was curled up next to Paula.
 And he felt like playing some, and feeling happy.     He needs to gain a little weight, but we can do that!   He is about 13 pounds, and a great little guy.   If you are interested in him, just go to our web site and fill out an application.   Click here: Home - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club

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LadyJicky said...

What a regal Peke Bradley is and when his coat is strong and growing more - a Beautiful Regal Peke indeed!!!