Monday, August 22, 2016


 Sherry has a full house-- a house of love!
 Norton has a cooler cut done-- and he loves it!   So many Pekes have really thick coats and in the heat we've had, that makes it hard to stay cool.   Look at him posing!
 Norton can't see, but he still hears (sometimes direction is tough), and he loves his bed.    He's a very affectionate boy.   He looks just like a little bear!
 Rudy has done great since his eye and ear surgeries.   He is showing his age some-- his arthritis is making it harder to get around, but he keeps going!    He's such a sweetheart.
 Joyful has had a burst of life lately.   She runs some, leaps into her bed, and is enjoying her life.   She slows down when she needs to.   She is on heart meds, and like my foster Floyd, she self- regulates well.
 Festus is Sherry's boy-- he is the best dog!   Good natured, sweet, loving...  He was adopted from us and we thought he was about 11 at the time, so he's at least 14 now.   He is doing great!  
 Daisy is the resident cat.  She is an old girl and had a health scare on Friday, but today she is home and feeling much better.   She is beautiful and always lets me pet her when I visit.  
The gang at Sherry's had a new addition!   Bentley just came into rescue and he is the newest foster at their home.   He is an explorer (loves trash cans), he likes to sit high on the pillows of the couch, and he is very affectionate.   His brother, Bradley, below, is being fostered near by and I'll be doing more on these two new foster dogs.
I think it's time for a visit to Sherry's-- I need to catch up on her sweet group.


LadyJicky said...

Oh Sherry is such a wonderful person .... lots of work there I see but I bet she gets huge love right back from all the Pekes and one very elegant cat!
So great to read Joyful is doing really well - for her - jumps in her bed- Fabbo!
Norton is so cute I could pinch him and take him back to my place :)

Lost Earring said...

What a treat, retouches with the babies we've grown to love as if they were our own. Little Joyful Grace is positively blooming from the point of her rescue until now. Wonderful stories this morning.