Tuesday, August 9, 2016


 Pandy was one of our foster dogs in 2004.
 She was in a Maryland shelter.
 It wasn't a great place, and she was not sure of what was going to happen.
She was best friends with Leo, the Lab, who came to join the family later.
 Pandy had a story-- while I was fostering her, my mom was living with us.   "Mimi" was sick, and stayed in bed a lot.   Pandy would rarely leave her side.   She kept her head or paw on my mom's leg.
 My mom usually had her hand on Pandy's back, gently rubbing her.   Pandy gave so much comfort to my mom.   One of the last things my mom said was, "Take care of my Pandy."    After that, we could not let her be adopted outside our family, so my daughter, Molly, adopted her.   She had earned a place with us.
 Pandy could be a pistol.
 She could be testy.
 But, oh, did she love my daughter.  
 She and Leo were best pals-- taking walks together.   Sleeping near each other.
 When Beach Bit was born, she was not too sure about him.   She checked out his things.
 She laid by his side-- but knowing how testy she could be, we watched her carefully.
 My son in law knew Pandy was a pill.  When he was gone for military training, we did not think she would miss him.    We were wrong.    Leo was fine as long as he had love from Molly, but Pandy was Miss Mopey Pants.   She gathered up his shirts (that had been on Leo's bed) and curled up with them.   They had Jeremy's scent on them.   She held them hostage. :-)
 But, most of all, she loved Molly.
 And Molly loved her.
 Pandy was a link to my mom for Molly-- so the bond was even stronger.
 And even though Pandy could be "unreliable" at times, she was greatly loved.
 She "suffered" through a doggy birthday party-- oh, the indignity of having to wear a hat.
 She was Jeremy's co-pilot in the car.
 She sat on his lap.
 She loved the snow--
 It energized her.
 Most of all, she just loved hanging out with her family.
 There are a lot of pictures in this blog-- I'm doing it for my daughter, who loved Pandy unconditionally.
 She was her girl.
 And even though Jeremy harrassed her, she adored him.
 When Beach Bit was sick, she stayed close.
 Inside, she adored her kids.
 Last Christmas, she posed for a picture.   I love this one.
 Age was catching up, though.  
 Pandy was about 16 or 17 years old, and she was developing doggy dementia.
 She was losing use of her legs, her bladder...... She had raw spots on her legs from OCD licking.
 Molly knew it was time to say good-bye, but oh, what a hard decision.  
 Pandy and Leo were usually close to each other.    He is going to be lost without her-- she was always there, from the time he was adopted from a shelter (where he was on the euthanasia list) to yesterday, she was near by.
 Pandy went from a younger dog...
 to one with a fully white face.   Some of her hearing was going.  
 Pandy never lost her love for my daughter-- she always knew her.  It is so difficult to know the "right time" to let a dog go-- Pandy had a lot of health issues due to her age, things that could not be fixed.   The quality of her life just wasn't there.   So, Molly let her go yesterday-- holding her close, loving on her.    She posted, "Thank you Pandy for always loving me, and being by my side always. I love you sweet girl- wait for me on the other side. I'll look for you first."   
Molly wrote, "Pandy lived about 18 years- I rescued her 12 years ago. We had such a deep bond. Please rescue- your life will be so much better, your heart will be enriched, and you'll never be the same. Despite the pain today, and the fact that I feel my heart is shattered into a million pieces, I wouldn't trade one second of the past 12 years. She was my girl, my heart, my companion. She loved me unconditionally and for that, I am forever changed. Run free my princess, I'll so deeply miss your snorts, your sighs, your sprints around the house after you poop, your sleeping connected to my hip, and your kisses. Thank you for making my life better. Mama loves you sweet girl."   

Run free, now, Pandy.   I know you have found Mimi and are nestled in her lap.   We'll see you again.


nana said...

The tears are flowing......my heart breaks with every loss. We all share your pain and re-live our own losses and cry for the recent. Please know you are in my prayers as you learn to live with only the memories of a love that will last a life time........and the expectation of that glorious reunion day!

Leslie said...

What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing, it was impossible not to shed tears as I read Pandy's story

LadyJicky said...

Such a sad post but ..... what LOVE there was for Pandy and she gave love back in buckets!
I am sure you all are missing her but when I saw that photo of her in the pound - oh she was so lucky to go to your family as she finally had a wonderful life - a life all dogs should have but , sadly do not .
Pandy was a link to your Mum Linda and that must be so hard for you too.

Thinking of you ALL at such a sad time.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful tribute - the tears just flowing.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful tribute to Pandy - tears just flowing! You gave her a wonderful life after she was rescued and loved you unconditionally and she gave that love back. My prayers go out to you as you learn to live your daily life without her, but know that her spirit will always be with you!