Saturday, August 13, 2016


Peggy came into rescue in June.   She has the sweetest personality!   
 She was found in the woods, tied to a tree.   She was so matted that she couldn't move.   We hear and see awful things in rescue-- but we "look forward!"   Once we have them, they are safe.   We will care for them, love them, make sure they have what they need.    And little-- well, not so little-- Peggy was given all that.
 She was fostered near me by Tracey, who fell in love with her.   But, as foster parents, we can fall in love, but not necessarily keep our fosters.   Most of us already have plenty of Pekes. :-)    (We also have to go by our city codes, which many cities have.)  
 Tracey loved on her and totally enjoyed her until one of our adopters wanted Peggy to join her family.   The good thing is that they live close, so we can probably see Peggy again.
 She is just precious!
 She is so easy going, and now she has a new sister, Poppy (who was adopted from us, too).
Peggy loves her new home and really adores her new daddy!   I hope I can come see you soon!!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh I so remember the dog tied to the tree! Karma will get them :(

I am over-joyed that Peggy has a wonderful life now .... new family and a new sister too...
Plus..... you all live near so you can see her. Fabbo!!!