Wednesday, August 17, 2016


 Gizzy has the happiest smile.   He has come so far because of his wonderful parents!
 Gizzy came to us with so many skin issues-- stinky and itchy.   But, his mom and dad have done special baths and allergy testing.   They have simplified his diet and slowly expanded it to see how he reacts.   He had to have daily baths at first, but now they aren't daily.   He has been so good through it all.   It really shows how much time and effort have been put into helping him become a healthy boy.
 His brother, Doolin, adores Gizzy.   They have become best friends, two peas in a pod.
 Gizzy has mastered the art of almost getting into the dog bed.  Why do Pekes do this? :-)
 Gizzy is now soft and fluffy, and he also is getting allergy shots.  
 He is taking a break here-- after a session of chasing tennis balls in the back yard. (Don't worry, it wasn't in this week's intense heat.)
 Don't worry, Gizzy, you can play after you cool down.   I'm sure you are waiting for another adventure.
 You want to play now?   That look would get me to do anything you wanted!   I would love to just kiss your sweet face!  
 Doolin has more energy than Gizzy, so Gizzy just sits there while Doolin bounces around him.   Gizzy waits patiently until he sees an "out" and then he takes off, usually grabbing a toy on the way.
 Have you been playing hard?    Time to slow down...
They had a trip to see Grandma and were worn out-- so they slept all the way home.   I don't think they could be closer pals.  I just love them!

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LadyJicky said...

They are so sweet together. Skin problems are so hard to deal with so I know how much work Gizzy's parents are doing ----- great job guys !