Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Sophie came into rescue last year, in May.   The shelter told me she was 12 years old.
 That estimate wasn't even close!   She was young-- but she was also blind and blind dogs are rarely adopted in a shelter situation.
 Sophie was thin and needed cleaning up-- for dirt and fleas.  She weighed only 9 pounds.
 She decided she did not like other dogs, but she loved people!!   So, she stayed with me, in my office.   The other dogs just watched her.
 She had her eyes examined by the ophthalmologist, and one eye never developed, and the other had a fully detached retina.   She probably had never had vision, so this was her norm.
 She was adopted by a friend who came from Richmond to meet her.   She fell in love right away.
 Her mom, Tricia, agrees with me that the "imperfect" draw us more than the perfect.  And Sophie was "imperfect" by the world's standards.   Tricia thought she was perfect, though!
 Sophie has blossomed with Tricia.   Sophie is such a little love dog.
 She loves to snuggle up with her mom, or on the chair.   You would never know she was blind.  She gets around her house so well!
 She loves to chase people on the street in hopes that they will pet her.   (She is always on a leash/harness.  I guess Tricia gets to run, too.)
 They don't mind that she stops when she hits their legs-- that way they can pet her right away!
Sophie may have been a dog no one wanted before we got her-- but she is absolutely wanted now!   
Sophie sees her world with her heart.  

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LadyJicky said...

What a pretty Peke Miss Sophie is and what a wonderful life she has now with your friend Trish .... a lot of people would have just looked her over but I bet Trish has a lot of fun and love from this little blind and pretty Pekingese :)
They were meant to be together!