Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I told you that Starlight got a vent caught in her teeth and she pulled the vent up and it hit her eye.....
She cut her eye and lower eye lid.  
We went to our regular vet three times, and then she sent us to Animal Eye Care.   Off we went!
Starlight charmed them all-- she was actually amazingly good.   (Today, she tried to bite a vet haha.)
I have SO many eye meds from Kai Kai, and so I took the whole bag with me.
Some of her meds were changed, and antibiotics were added.
Did Starlight take it all in stride?   Well.......
She started to react to the antibiotics-- they were hard on her tummy.   We stopped them and back to the vet we went.   She got fluids (she was getting sick, not eating ...), a shot for her nausea and a shot for antibiotics.   
 They definitely helped her and she even ate some later.  She had to have a bath to get rid of all the crud, but she does feel better.
 She loved the grilled chicken and rice.  YUM.
All fluffy again and feeling better!!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh Starlight ..... I am so glad to read you getting better now.
That girl is so pretttty !!!!!!!!!!!!!