Saturday, February 28, 2015


 Bobby is Maggie-Moo's brother.   They were both adopted from PVPC.
 Maggie was not a bit thrilled by the snow.
 "Can you make it go away?"
 Her Peke "cousins", Phoebe and Hannah were riding out the storm, softly and sleepily.   Oh, they look so comfortable!
 It was cold out there and as it began to melt, big chunks of snow could fall off trees and fall right on a Pekingese-- not fun at all!  (I know, it's happening in my yard and my Pekes are looking around wondering what is going on.)
Maggie is set though.   She has her special hoodie on and is ready!    Stay warm, little girl!

Friday, February 27, 2015


 My friend, Melinda, lives in Australia-- so it's summer there.   It's hard for us to think of summer and heat when we have snow all over the ground here in the states.  
 Coco is watching to see if a treat is coming, I'm sure.   And MoiMoi just had a birthday this month!!  She is ten years old-- Happy Birthday!
Oh, you are so cute-- that bare tummy would get so cold here, but in Australia, you can enjoy all the warmth.   Can you send some our way? :-)

Thursday, February 26, 2015


 Madge came to us in 2012 from a shelter in NC.
 She was in terrible shape when she came-- her skin was a mess, and she was heartworm positive.
 She received incredible care from Dr. Hodges and stayed with her and Roger as she healed.  
 We were told she was 5-6 years old, but it became apparent that she was older.
 Her heartworms were so severe that they damaged her heart, but she fought to stay.
 She passed away this week and is now with her best friend, Alastor, who died last June.  I had just done a blog on hr on Feb. 21.
 Freddie had just sent Madge a Valentine card.    I know it made her day.
 She posed for her pictures for Valentine's and showed how beautiful she was.
She had many outfits (courtesy of her sister, Desi) and was always dressed up to go to work with her mom and dad.
 She was a beautiful little girl.
She can run free now, play with Alastor and the rest of her siblings who have gone before her.    You will be so missed, sweet girl.    


In the mid-Atlantic region, especially S.E. Virginia, we aren't used to getting a lot of snow.  
Mr. Winks is in Maryland, and he is not too crazy about this white stuff!
His mom's chickens aren't either.
Some of my friends (and my daughter) have chickens and when it's too cold, you do have to help them out some.
At the Farm, the tree area is getting covered with snow.
Pi-Pi is yelling about it!    But, she loves it.
 My granddog, Leo, is fine with it, but his Peke-mix sister, Pandy, is not about snow at all!
 Most dogs just want to stay in, stay warm, stay fed, and stay pampered!    Rosa Lee is one of them.
 Oliver just snuggles in for the duration.
And Woola Jane is warm and cozy.
Get ready, Pi!   More snow is arriving!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Little Harley Marie is ready for the snow!   Her mom got her some boots.
The boots are a little big, so they come off, but she's going to get a smaller pair.    I wonder if she will have different colors to go with all her sweaters?   This has been a winter to make great use of winter outfits for dogs!
Click here: HarleyMarie - YouTube    Harley Marie has probably had enough of the snow-- like many of us.   But, she sure does look cute!!   Check out her video.  It will make you smile!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Onslow joined Desi's family last year.  
He is a beautiful and happy boy!
I think he was enjoying the snow!  
Are you checking out how deep it is?   Your dad said you got 11 inches!   And then 9 more inches of snow came.   WOW-- that's a lot to get through!
You are a good sport and just kept on trying!   What a great boy you are, Onslow!

Monday, February 23, 2015


Dawson is Desi's brother.   I love these pictures-- there is so much Peke action in them!
Talk about a happy boy!
Dawson is overwhelmed with how much fun the snow is!
His ears are flying!
Is something over there?
Let's go check.
I am going as fast as I can!
I found it!   It's a toy.   Now what do I do?
Run some more!     Wow, this is fun!
I think there's a pile of snow I missed.
I'm charging right into it!
Too deep!   I did an abrupt stop.  Don't worry, I can back  up and start over again.   I love this!