Thursday, February 26, 2015


In the mid-Atlantic region, especially S.E. Virginia, we aren't used to getting a lot of snow.  
Mr. Winks is in Maryland, and he is not too crazy about this white stuff!
His mom's chickens aren't either.
Some of my friends (and my daughter) have chickens and when it's too cold, you do have to help them out some.
At the Farm, the tree area is getting covered with snow.
Pi-Pi is yelling about it!    But, she loves it.
 My granddog, Leo, is fine with it, but his Peke-mix sister, Pandy, is not about snow at all!
 Most dogs just want to stay in, stay warm, stay fed, and stay pampered!    Rosa Lee is one of them.
 Oliver just snuggles in for the duration.
And Woola Jane is warm and cozy.
Get ready, Pi!   More snow is arriving!


lady jicky said...

I tell you what Linda ... Me and the "girls' would just be inside! LOL

Doris Sturm said...

I would love to see what my two Pekes would do if they were exposed to snow, as for me I love it. I loved your photos and thank you for sharing.... keep warm everyone!!! Sometimes the best part about playing in the snow is coming back inside ;-)