Friday, February 13, 2015


Have you ever heard your dog sound like he is choking?   Where he breathes in rapidly over and over and you think he must be gagging on something?     (Ricky above, one of our adopted dogs.)
I'm sure Bennett above has done this, too.    It is called reverse sneezing and it can scare you silly if you are not familiar with it!
The name for reverse sneezing is pharyngeal gag reflux.   When my dogs do it, it sounds like a honking noise.   (Annabelle, in front, and Jojo --can you find him?)
 Cosme has probably had some reverse sneezing.    I just rub my dog's throat and talk to them.    Reverse sneezing usually only lasts a short time.
Lexie has reverse sneezing more than most of my dogs.   I don't know why, but she gets over it quickly.     Here is a link that has more information about it.  
Click here: Reverse Sneezing in Dogs: What is It and Should I Be Concerned?

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lady jicky said...

I think I have had a number of dogs over the years that has done this. I have never heard of this before.

I wonder ... how do you know if your dog - especially a Peke - is reverse sneezing or has a collapsing trachea???