Monday, February 16, 2015


 Max is over eleven now, but he still sees just fine with his one eye.    He came to me  in 2009 as a foster, but no one adopted him, so he stayed here.  
 He loves to try to mooch off Beach Bit.
 He loves to hang out on the ottoman by the window.
 He can be lounging, and the TV can be on mute, but let a dog come on the TV and he is THERE!  (You can see that Starlight could not care!)
 It can be a cartoon dog and he runs over there to check it out.   How does he know it's a dog-- with no sound, one eye??   He knows!
"Max, the dog is gone now."    He will usually go into the sitting up stance-- like a groundhog!  
He finally heads back to "his" couch by the window and waits until another dog comes on the TV.   None of my other dogs do this, or care.    Not Max-- he has an eagle eye, just waiting for a dog to appear.     That's my boy!

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lady jicky said...

That there is a Eagle One Eyed Watchdog!!!!